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flight matrix

Firstly, I just want to establish that this is not a sponsored post. This is my genuine review of a tool I’ve discovered a few months back and it’s consistently been awesome enough that I’m ready to share it with you all, the ITA Flight Matrix. While it might look rather unassuming, and something even … keep reading


map of MIA, miami international airport

If you’re like me, then going to the airport is both an enjoyable and miserable experience. Yesssss Noooo!!!! For me, being in the airport is mostly enjoyable. The long anticipation of going somewhere is almost over as you will be boarding a plane to XYZ in a matter of minutes, you can pick up your … keep reading


cityscape of Laureles, Medellin

Introducción en Español: Este fue mi tercer viaje a Medellín, Colombia. Para mí, Medellín es una ciudad especial. He escrito este blog para compartir algunos de las razones que Medellín tiene el poder para seducir a cualquier persona que la visite. I can’t believe it either, but I just got back from my 3rd trip … keep reading


grilled octopus, the local house in Miami Beach

This past week, I had the pleasure of going paddle boarding with Diamond PR, Ciro Campagnoli (owner of the  Sense Beach House hotel) and a bunch of other great journalists/editors working in the travel niche as well as enjoying a great lunch at Ciro’s restaurant, The Local House. We met at 10 AM on a … keep reading



Among the nations of the world, Thailand stands above many others when it comes to the flavors encountered within the dishes of its mind-melting cuisine. To achieve this, Thai food takes at least two flavor elements (such as spiciness and sweetness) and blends them together in a harmonious marriage that leaves its diners coming back … keep reading