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historic center of Ghent

Located in the northwest of Belgium, Ghent (or Gent) is a beautiful canal-laced city that is often overlooked on most people’s Belgium itinerary who often opt to blow through it via train from Brussels to Bruges. While my mom vehemently suggested I go to Bruges (I had only 1 extra day to spare after Brussels), … keep reading


Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Brussels, Belgium

After 12 days in Germany, it was time for me to head somewhere new. I had no plan after Berlin until a few days before when I was checking out cheap flights to wherever I could go without changing planes. I saw one pop up on Easy Jet (low cost European airline) to Brussels, Belgium … keep reading

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bars on canal in Kreuzburg

My last stop on my Germany tour landed me in one of my favorite cities in the world, Berlin. I have multiple friends that live there and this was my 2nd time in the city – here’s a post I did about some of the touristic things to see/do in Berlin which I really didn’t … keep reading

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Going HAM in Hamburg!

August 17, 2014

cool view of the Speicherstadt

Well, I really didn’t go that nuts, I just wanted to be cool and use HAM (stands for Hard as a Motha Fuc*** ) as YOLO is already played out. Anyways, my second stop on my Germany marathon was in fact way up in the north of the country in the port city of Hamburg, … keep reading


Main square in Frankfurt at Sunset

The first stop on my 6 week Euro Trip started in Frankfurt, Germany. Why in the world did I choose this place of all places to start? A $350 direct flight from Fort Lauderdale is the reason why, so I figured why not just get to Europe as cheaply as possible and then worry about … keep reading



So as you can see from the above video, I’ve been living the good life since day one of my “Location Independence“. Roomers Hotel in Frankfurt graciously put me up my first day which was a godsend after an extremely long flight from Fort Lauderdale. The airline made me check in my carry-on bag and … keep reading


flight matrix

Firstly, I just want to establish that this is not a sponsored post. This is my genuine review of a tool I’ve discovered a few months back and it’s consistently been awesome enough that I’m ready to share it with you all, the ITA Flight Matrix. While it might look rather unassuming, and something even … keep reading


map of MIA, miami international airport

If you’re like me, then going to the airport is both an enjoyable and miserable experience. Yesssss Noooo!!!! For me, being in the airport is mostly enjoyable. The long anticipation of going somewhere is almost over as you will be boarding a plane to XYZ in a matter of minutes, you can pick up your … keep reading