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Manila, the Philippines was at one point known as, “The Pearl of The Orient”. It has a storied history of over 330  years of Spanish rule, 50+ years of formal American imperialism, a few years of Japanese rape/pillage and has been a crossroads of local cultures in Asia for millennia. This has influenced Filipino culture … keep reading


colonial architecture in Phuket Town

The lion share of people who go to Phuket, Thailand can be categorized pretty easily. You have lots of dirty old men heading to Patong Beach to get raucous with pros, Russians who plan to bake in Speedos on Karon or Kata beach, and backpackers who are there to spend one night before or after … keep reading


exterior of soumaya museum, planco, mexico city, art museum

Given Mexico City’s size, you can be pretty sure there are its fair share of museums, and great ones at that. But, it seems the only places you see mentioned in the guidebooks are the older ones as they don’t get updated that frequently. But, if you venture a little bit outside the main core … keep reading


day of the dead celebration zocalo mexico city

Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite holidays. Why? Because there is no religion involved and it’s all about eating/drinking, dressing up like a fool (Halloween at least) and hanging out with friends and family. Mexicans, while often pretty religious, do know how to separate the two and if there is partying involved, you … keep reading

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view of avenida la reforma from chapultapec castle in mexico city

If you’ve read my blog over the years, you’ll know that Mexico is one of my favorite countries in the world. A quick flight from the US, the land “south of the border” is chock full of so many things to do, see, smell, taste and experience, that it would honestly take you years of … keep reading


Bear Grylls eating heart

When I first started traveling on my own in 2006, travel was still truly an adventure for me. From catching a bus to even something simple like putting food in my mouth, everything was a a stimulating, “new” and slightly difficult (in a good way) experience. You had to rely on the good graces of … keep reading


this is what every beach looks like in Europe

I caught a lot of flak from the Europeans in my last post, Why Europe is Worse than America who couldn’t take a joke, so I rushed to get this one out before someone hacked my site or beat me up. While most of my reasons for  why America is better than Europe are just … keep reading


small shower in Europe

Haa haa made you click! If you’re a Euro, you’re probably peeing your pants you’re so angry, and if you’re Canadian, you’re probably pissed too because I’m referring to “America” as the United States. I love Europe, but there are certain FAILS that should be addressed. But, don’t worry, before you think I’m just some … keep reading