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scuba steve at Lutwala Dive Center

I finally did something I’ve been saying I was going to for years now, got my open water scuba certification. I’ve been to countless places that are known as “dive meccas”, just to putz around kicking sand on the beach or snorkeling on the surface with scuba divers flipping me the bird 30 feet below…I … keep reading

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Singapore Skyline from Marina Bay Sands

This is my 3rd time traveling in SE Asia, and every time I’ve seemed to just chalk off Singapore. It’s too expensive, it’s too developed, etc. were the excuses I used to tell myself in the pursuit of more off-the-beaten-path destinations. Well, now I’m older, and after traveling for a few months in the Philippines, … keep reading

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exterior of Naumi Liora hotel Singapore

I had the pleasure of spending one night at the Naumi Liora Hotel this past week in the historic China Town neighborhood of Singapore. In a city that’s more famous for its gleaming skyscrapers and contemporary architecture, the Naumi Liora respects where it came from, but doesn’t miss out on what Singapore has become – … keep reading


Petronas Towers at night from Fuego in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I just spent a full week in Kuala Lumpur (KL to locals), the capital of Malaysia and a true megapolis, home to over 7,000,000 people. Anytime I hear “capital city” in Southeast Asia, I automatically imagine hell. Concrete edifices hastily thrown up, brutal traffic, non-stop noise and sweltering heat. But, I’m very happy to say … keep reading


modern hotel room at the henry hotel in Cebu

Located in Cebu City, Philippines, The Henry Hotel is truly something unique in a city that is caught between rapid no-rules growth and and a relaxed island vibe. This is my 3rd time in Cebu. Why the hell do I keep coming back to a place where traffic is even worse than in Manila, the … keep reading


white beach in Boracay, Philippines, Station 2

The most heavily marketed beach destination in The Philippines by both the media and the tourism board is the infamous, Boracay Island. Travel & Leisure even voted it the second-best island destination in the world after another Philippine island, Palawan. I’ve been to the Philippines three times, and every time, I’ve made an excuse to … keep reading



Manila, the Philippines was at one point known as, “The Pearl of The Orient”. It has a storied history of over 330  years of Spanish rule, 50+ years of formal American imperialism, a few years of Japanese rape/pillage and has been a crossroads of local cultures in Asia for millennia. This has influenced Filipino culture … keep reading


colonial architecture in Phuket Town

The lion share of people who go to Phuket, Thailand can be categorized pretty easily. You have lots of dirty old men heading to Patong Beach to get raucous with pros, Russians who plan to bake in Speedos on Karon or Kata beach, and backpackers who are there to spend one night before or after … keep reading