Mexico City is one of the most amazing places in the world to visit for a short, or extended period of time. With over 20,000,000 people in the metropolitan area, you can be sure there is no shortage of amazingly delicious restaurants and new cuisines to explore on a trip here. After spending over 5 years in Mexico City and extensively eating out and touring the best food markets and dining options this city has to offer, you can be sure I’ve eaten my way through my now favorite place in the world, now it’s your turn!

After opening up a restaurant with my friend, business partner and Executive Chef, Alejandro Garcia, we have teamed up once again to create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. This time, a fun, vibrant, informative, and DELICIOUS  Mexico City Food Market Tour and Mexico City Cooking Experience.

Here are the details!


Alejandro Garcia, A proud Mexico City native and the Executive Chef/Co-Owner of The Dog House Pub. He has over 15 years of cooking experience and is completely bilingual (English/Spanish). He loves teaching people about Mexican food culture and even more so, teaching people how to cook!

Jeremy Albelda, a professional Travel Writer (you’re reading his blog as we speak!) and Co-Owner of The Dog House Pub. He is now a proud, full-time “Mexican” who is happy to live on this side of the border!


A 3-4 hour Mexico City food market tour and cooking experience where we will learn about some of the unique ingredients that make up the very diverse world of Mexican Cuisine. We will see, smell, and taste fruits you’ve never heard of, interact with the friendly and fun shop owners, as well as select all the ingredients to create our very own authentic Mexican meal along with Chef Alejandro. We will enjoy a few snacks in the market (of course some tacos), maybe some salted grasshoppers (don’t knock them until you’ve tried them!) and then head back to either your Airbnb to cook in your very own kitchen, or, to our commercial-grade kitchen and dining room for up to 6 people in Roma Norte where you will learn to cook the new meal and enjoy it with your friends and family (don’t worry, we will serve you and clean up too!).

After the meal, we will email you the recipes we made as well as some more info about the ingredients we used and some high-quality photos of the whole day!

Some of the dishes we’ve done with groups so far are Cochinita Pibil (a delicious meat or vegetarian stew that you eat on tacos), Mexican Ceviche, and Mole Poblano. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions or choices (vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc)!

Cost: $65 USD per person with a minimum of two people, max 6 people (discounts for larger groups available!).


You tell us! We are very flexible and usually are able to accommodate any schedule with only a few day’s notice. We work everyday of the week!


We will pick you up at your Airbnb or Hotel and bring you to the closest, quality food market. Mexico City has one every couple of miles so the journey will be short. We will then head back to your Airbnb/Hotel, or our Kitchen in our car. After the meal and clean up, we will politely remove ourselves so you can enjoy the rest of your evening with your friends and/or family.


Alejandro and I both have an unwaivering love for this amazing country and we want to make sure that visiting tourists receive an authentic, fun, safe, informative, and of course delicious, culinary experience. Mexico City is truly a unique place and a megalopolis not based around tourists which can sometimes be difficult  or overwhelming for travelers. We hope to change that!

If you’d like more information about or how to book your Mexico City Food Market Tour and Mexico City Cooking Class then please email me at

Here are some pictures from our past groups!