When you join a cruise, you are able to explore different places in one vacation. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about the world and to experience different cultures while you travel. But did you ever consider going on a cruise to appreciate nature? To help you plan your holiday, here are the best European nature-based cruise destinations that you will surely enjoy:

Rouen Armada & River Seine

It only happens every five years, but if you get the chance to see 8,000 sailors gathering in the banks of the River Seine, it is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget. Rouen Armada is one of the largest maritime events in the world, attracting over 10 million visitors in a span of 11 days. Cruise ships, tail ships, sailboats, and military vessels all dock on the quays of Seine. This year, the event celebrates its 30th anniversary. It’s happening between June 6 to 16, 2019, so book your last-minute cruise immediately!

Baltic Cities & St. Petersburg

The Baltic Sea is adjacent to several European countries including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, and Russia. Among these countries, the Baltic Sea touches the coasts of a total of 30 cities. This area is rich in art and culture and is a great place to learn about history, especially the medieval times. For instance, in St. Petersburg, you will get the chance to explore Russia’s cultural center and see historical works of art, from iconic Orthodox paintings to the creations of Wassily Kandinsky.


For a chance to see the Northern Lights, head to Fjordland in Norway. Its solitary islands, rolling fields, tall cliffs, and gorgeous waterfalls are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Aside from its wild yet majestic landscape, the Fjords also represent the heritage of Norway’s people. It’s a looking glass through the past when Norwegians were mostly farmers, fishers, and shepherds. During your cruise, you will be able to relax and unwind while you’re surrounded by the serene and breathtaking view of nature.

Iceland, Faroes & Northern Isles

Cruises and other similar tours usually group these three destinations together because of their proximity and similarities. The route that connects Iceland, Faroes, and the Northern Isles is mostly untouched by human activity. Therefore, nature here is preserved in pristine conditions. If you choose this route, you’ll be able to swim in the famous Blue Lagoon, see spouting geysers and mud pools, and experience the wonders of the Land of Fire and Ice.

If you are a first timer in Iceland and want to experience the Northern Lights. Feel free to check out this complete guide about Northern Lights.

Arctic & Greenland

Last but not least, the Arctic and Greenland are one of the best European cruise destinations because you’ll get to see dramatic icebergs, mountains, and fjords all in one place. Cruises in this area also usually stop by the Akureyri settlement, which is adorned by colorful houses and establishments. Truly, there’s nothing quite like a trip to the largest island and coldest region on the planet.

These five cruise destinations will show you the most gorgeous natural spots in Europe. If you want to see just how beautiful our planet is, pick your destination from this list.