The World or Bust Creator: Jeremy Albelda

Jeremy Albelda on a motorcycle road trip in Mexico

Ever since I was a kid, traveling has been part of my life.  I was lucky enough to have parents who saw the merit and truly priceless experiences that traveling can bring about in self-development, global awareness, and independence.

A few years later, I’m still at it, and although I now rarely get to score a trip on their dime, I have discovered unique ways of supporting myself that keep me out of a cubicle and doing fun, different and interesting things every day. I now consider myself a true Digital Nomad as I support myself remotely via various means on the Internet, as long as there is Wi-Fi!

Communication across borders and peoples has always been a passion of mine, and based on my travels and connections with individuals around the globe, I decided to create this blog to do it all justice.

Feel free to reach out to me at Jeremy@theworldorbust.com or by clicking here in regards to anything; from contributing your own personal story to the project, collaborating, press trips or or just to say hello, hola, aloha, ciao, bon jour….Enjoy!

Fitness/Wellness Expert and Contributor: Josh Cantor

Josh Cantor - Fitness Professional

​Josh Cantor is a Master’s educated exercise physiologist.  After obtaining his undergraduate degrees in exercise physiology and psychology from the University of Miami, he continued his education in exercise physiology. During his time at college, Josh was always applying his knowledge in the field.  He worked as a personal trainer and ran multiple exercise programs for special populations.  It didn’t take long for his career to start as Josh earned a position at South Miami hospital as a clinical exercise specialist.  Through his experiences in the field, Josh has worked with various populations from the elderly and disabled, to adolescent and athletic.  He currently serves as the Wellness Director for a private high school in Miami.  Additionally, Josh teaches nutrition and health sciences at the collegiate level and offers weekend personal training workshops around the country.

In addition to teaching and training others, Josh enjoys being active himself.  He has participated in triathlons, 200-mile relay runs and recently biked 1,500 miles across Europe.  Born and raised in South Florida, Josh has always enjoyed being outside.

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