TheWorldorBust Creator: Jeremy Albelda

From the trips I was lucky enough to go on with my family as a child, to a broke college kid backpacking, until now, as a 30th something still at it, traveling has been an interest and passion my entire life. Travel is something that can be had on any budget, it just takes the will and desire to make it happen. That was the goal of creating The World or Bust back in 2010. I’m not here to preach how to travel on a shoe-string budget or that luxury travel is wrong, just to promote international travel as  a means to bolster self-growth, global awareness, and of course, a lot of fun!

Here’s a bit more about me:

In 2010 I graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Exercise Physiology. Quickly realizing that wasn’t my life’s passion, I started this blog as a way to share my experiences abroad and also give me a little more structure to create the location independent lifestyle I desperately sought.

Around that same time, I started a copy writing business with the goal of being able to make some money remotely while on longterm trips. Fast forward 7 years, and some basic freelancing has grown into a full-fledged Internet marketing business with employees, a comfortable income and no stop in sight!

I’ve hung up my backpack in exchange for a rolling suitcase, and I might not take 6 month sojourns anymore, but travel is still a part of my life now that I’ve based myself in Mexico City. I’ve bough an apartment here, do real estate consulting, opened an English Pub (The Dog House in the Roma Norte neighborhood if you’re ever in town
!) and really embraced my new home country for all it has to offer.

Motorcycle riding has become a big passion of mine in the last few years as well, and I write extensively about fun road trip routes, gear, bikes, etc. Check out my instagram to see more!

Feel free to reach out to me at Jeremy@theworldorbust.com or by clicking here in regards to anything from just a simple hello, business inquires, questions about anything, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!