Most people have heard of the internationally popular Mexican alcohols like tequila and Mezcal, but what about Sotol, Pox, or Raicilla?

Come experience the diverse world of Mexican spirits, traditional “magic” herbs, and aphrodisiacs that indigenous people here have been enjoying for millennia with Mexico City’s Top Bartender, Khristian de La Torre in an intimate cocktail bar setting.

Khristian has owned and managed Mexico City’s top cocktail bars and clubs until he decided open a new, more personal concept, Cafe Tacobar which offers amazing indigenous inspired Mexican Cocktails and Artisan Tacos in the hip Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City. His small bar has quickly become the hub for Mexico City’s top chefs, bartenders, and lots of other interesting people doing amazing things here in Mexico City.

I have partnered up with Khristian to offer the the ultimate Mexican cocktail inspired tasting. Here are the details:

The experience lasts about 1 hour where you will try a melange of specialty Mexican alcohols including Pox, Sotol, Mezcal, and Raicilla. In addition to these unique drinks, you will try rare and special roots, plants and flavor enhancers that Mexicans have been consuming for thousands of years. You won’t experience all of these amazing things in one place with interesting explanations directly from an expert and host like Khristian. Some of the other special things that you will try include Raiz de Oro (golden root), tarantula salt, grasshoppers, snake venom, and more! After the tasting, you will be invited behind the bar to make a cocktail of your own!

All of the above and a lot of fun costs just 750 pesos or $40 USD/person.

Shoot me an email at for more details and to reserve!

cocktail course in Mexico City