Like women, girls like to look fashionable when traveling. Whether they are visiting a beach or ski resort, fashion is extremely important. Fortunately, there are ways to stay trendy with limited attire. The key is to pack the right outfits, shoes and accessories. Regardless, if you are a trendy teen or not, there are a few tricks that can help ensure your travel wardrobe is stylish, sexy and comfortable.

Pack the Right Shoes

The biggest mistake teens make when it comes to traveling and fashion is packing the wrong shoes. It is only natural to want to pack several pairs of shoes. However, it truly is not necessary. In fact, you really only need a pair of sneakers and dress shoes. If your trip is planned for the summer, you can alternate from slip-on dress shoes to sandals and still look fashionable. It is always a good idea to pack a pair of lightweight boots, especially if you plan on spending some time outdoors in the winter. Another type of shoe that looks trendy and provides the comfort needed for sightseeing tours is ballet shoes. These shoes are extremely easy to clean and are available in an array of stylish designs, so keeping your wardrobe coordinated will not be an issue. Plus size mother of the bride dresses will call for a pair of slip-on dress shoes, either white or off-white.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are great for casual events, such as sightseeing, bicycling and hanging out at the mall. Contrary to belief, tank tops are also suitable for formal events. However, it is always a good idea to pack a light dress jacket for cool weather. Tanks tops require little storage space and are available in an array of designs. They can be worn alone or underneath a sleeveless vest and still keep their stylish appeal.

Limit Accessories

Just about every young female loves to accessorize. With so many fashionable accessories on the market, it is truly difficult to limit how many you pack in your suitable. Accessories, such as necklaces and earrings, look great with mother of the bride dresses, shorts and t-shirts and dress attire. However, it is never a good idea to pack a load of accessories into your suitcase. You will need a multi-colored belt or sash, trendy necklace, a set of bob or button earrings and a toe ring if you feel the need for one.

Pack A Lightweight Bag

It is always wise to have a lightweight bag in your possession when traveling. The bag will come in handy for toting around your travel documents, cosmetics, sunglasses, mobile phones, keys, credit cards and cash. However, just any ole’ bag will not do since there is always the possibility of running into a purse snatcher. To keep your possessions safe, it is always a good idea to pack a bag with zippers and a crisscross shoulder strap. This way it will be much harder for thieves to gain access to your possessions. No matter what type of bag you choose to carry just make sure that it has a zipper. And, always remember to close the zipper after each use.