Traveling around the City of Lights need not be expensive because many of the top tourist attractions in Paris are free. No entrance fees or charges; just free unadulterated fun. Exploring these free attractions has its benefits. You can extend your stay in Paris, have extra cash for souvenirs and other sights, and enjoy your trip on a higher level.

exterior of notre dame

1. Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris. Probably the most iconic Gothic cathedral in the world, Notre Dame is a fantastic piece of architecture and is accented by unique gargoyles. You are free to enter and marvel at this grand, medieval structure. To get alternative views of its spiked apse and naturalist sculptures, you can walk along Seine.

2. Le Champ de Mars. This former marching ground is now a manicured garden covered by groomed lawns and flowerbeds. It is where the Eiffel Tower stands. You can have a picnic in the day time and wait for the La Tour Eiffel light show at night.

3. Pére Lachaise Cemetery. Believe it or not, this haunting place is one of the top tourist attractions in Paris. Literary geniuses like Oscar Wilde, Balzac, and Prouste are buried here. Rock legend Jim Morrison is also buried in this cemetery.

4. Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. The modern art museum boasts permanent collections that will immerse you in French culture. Braque’s cubism and Matisse’s dancers are some of the masterpieces you’ll find there.

5. Basilique du Sacré Coeur. The white marble basilica is the star attraction of the Montmartre District in Paris. Its interior is elaborately decorated with stained glass windows and gold mosaics. Apart from sightseeing, you can stay and wait for the sound of one of the world’s heaviest bells. The basilica is free to explore but it will cost extra money to climb up the dome and tour its crypt. The majestic church is truly one of the top tourist attractions in Paris.

After you’ve saved all the cash enjoying the free top tourist attractions in Paris, why break your bank on a hotel?