The top reasons to visit Aberystwyth are are a must see. A town found in Wales, Aberystwyth is located close to the convergence of two rivers, the Ystwyth and Rheidol. Aberystwyth has an oceanic climate because of its geographic location on the shores of the Irish Sea. Its various destinations are definitely a must see on your next holiday to the UK.

coastline in Aberystwyth, Wales

One of the most visited places in Aberystwyth is the Bwlch Nant yr Arian Forest Centre which is like a small paradise in the Cambrian Mountains. Outdoor activities are abundant in the forest centre such as mountain biking, hiking, animal puzzle trails or just strolling around (you can find some good, affordable outdoor gear on Uttings Outdoor before your trip). Its spectacular views are quite a sight to see so don’t miss that opportunity. If you want to relax, there’s a café that has wonderful lakeside scenery as well.

If you want to learn about the history of Aberystwyth, then you should visit the Credigion Museum that exhibits the culture and life from the past. Most of its collections are donated by local people and the items showcased range from toys to old home goods, farming equipment and much more. There are also interesting exhibitions of theatrical memorabilia and old films that may interest you as well..

There are still other sights that you should see in Aberystwyth such as the Aberystwyth castle with its ruins dating back to the thirteenth century. The castle is now in ruins as a result of an order given in 1649 to have the castle blown up. However, though the castle is now in ruins, it now houses a beautiful park and playground area for kids and families to enjoy.

Now, what use will it be if you can’t have a moment of relaxation while you are on a vacation right? So why don’t you head down to Aberystwyth’s seafront which is a favorite spot among tourists and locals because you can stroll, bike, jog and skate or just relax by the seaside with its soothing breezes. The busiest part of the seafront is the Marine Terrace because its where the hotels, homes and the Aberystwyth’s pier is located which houses the amusement arcade, nightclubs and bars. It is quite an enjoyable place so don’t forget to include this on your itinerary, especially for the evenings.

Last but certainly not the least is Constitution Hill which should be one of your top reasons to visit Aberystwyth. Its stunning views at the top will definitely leave you awestruck. The fun already starts while you are still riding the Cliff railway there because the ride to the top will give you a  beautiful view of the town with no obstructions. Once you are at the top of Constitution Hill, you will find the Camera Obscura that gives you a panoramic view of the town. It is most certainly the best place to see the town and the surrounding countryside.

Spending a few days in Aberystwyth is definitely a worthwhile experience, just try practicing how to pronounce it before you head over!