One thing I’m trying to do more of this year is experience a little more adventure travel. Sight seeing is cool for a while and museums are good for rainy days, but I miss a good ole’ adrenaline rush like when my parents let me go to extreme sports camp for two weeks. I begged them to let me go and I ended up messing up my tail bone and broke my hand, oh well (shame on them!)

I think the controlled chaos of a zip line would be more my speed these days, so here are the 10 longest zip lines in the world.  Check them out!

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10 – ZipFlyer  – Nepal

This insane zip line in Nepal is generally considered as one of the most extreme and each year thousands flock to the town of Pokhara to test their wits. The Zip-flyer starts at an eye watering height of 1625mtrs in Sarangkot and lands at 960mtrs in the Hemmja Plain, after a death defying 5,906 feet of suspension and a 600 meter drop. There really is no better way to enjoy the Annapurna mountain range than this, if you dare look down that is. Book your tickets for the ZipFlyer here.

9 – Mega Tirolesa – Pedra Bela, SP Brazil

This Brazilian zip line can be found in Sao Paulo and is the longest single cable zip line anywhere in the world. Clocking in at a cool 6,233 feet long and reaching speeds of up to 110 kph, this is one of the most exciting lines that you can find, and one of the longest in the world to boot. If you think you have what it takes to survive this one, you can count on some truly spectacular views of Pedra Bela.

8 – The Unreal Zip 2000 – Sun City, South Africa

Formerly known as the Pronutro Zip Line, the world’s former longest zip line in 2012 has since fallen five spots to #6. However, it is still a beast at over 6,561 feet long, allowing daredevils to soar down it at speeds of well over 100 miles per hour! Check it out on social media to see more wild videos!

7 –  Crimean Hawk – Sudak, Crimea, Russia

If you are traveling to Russia, take a trip down the Crimean Hawk. Located in the resort city of Sudak on the Crimean peninsula, it will provide a thrilling alternative to lying on the beach or exploring Genoese fortresses. It spans 6,631 feet in length, giving an average ride that lasts over a minute.

6 – The Eye of the Jaguar Zip Line – Sacred Valley, Peru

Coming in just shy of 7,000 feet, riding The Eye of the Jaguar zip line is the perfect way to inject some adrenaline into your Peruvian holiday. While there is only one cable to ride here, the thrill of soaring above the gorgeous landscape of the Sacred Valley at speeds topping 60 miles per hour will make up for it. The closest town is Maras and the bigger town of Urubamba is not far away either.

5 – Ziptrek Whistler Zipline – Whistler, BC, Canada

A new edition to this list and in at number 5 is the Ziptrek Whistler Zip line, clocking in at just over 7,000 feet this is North America’s longest zip line. They call this beast the Sasquatch and whilst you may consider Whistler as being an awesome ski resort, it also offers this amazing experience to those who are staying here, to truly see the splendor of this region. If you are in Canada then grab a Go Pro and head straight to Whistler and take on the Sasquatch for yourself. To book a zipline experience in Whistler click here.


4 –  Volo dell’ Angelo Zip Line – Rocca Massima, Italy

Meaning ‘the Flight of the Angel’ in English, you will feel like a supernatural being after soaring through the sky at speeds approaching 70 miles per hour. The Volo dell’ Angelo zip line links two villages at opposite ends of a mountain valley in the Dolomites, with a line going each way. At only €30 for a return ticket, it is one of the cheaper thrills you can buy while in Italy!

3-  Toro Verde Adventure Park (El Monstruo) – Orocovis, Puerto Rico

Briefly dubbed the world’s longest zip line before being eclipsed by our new champion, El Monstruo will take guests for a ride they won’t soon forget. With over 7,590 feet to cover, and its launching point being an unfathomable 1,200 feet above the ground, I wouldn’t blame you if your heart skipped a beat before pushing off.

Every flight you take will also result in a donation to the Ricky Martin Foundation. They work to combat human trafficking, so swallow your fear and ride El Monstruo for a good cause. Book tickets for the Toro Verde Adventure park here.

2 –  Parque de Aventura Barrancas del Cobre – Copper Canyon, Mexico

Topping our list is the zip line at Parque de Aventura Barrancas del Cobre. Located in Mexico’s famed Copper Canyon, sprawling at over 8,350 feet long (more than a mile and a half!), and with a 17% grade that drops you almost 1,500 feet, it is possible to hit speeds of 84 mph or faster! Gotta love Mexico!

1 – Jebel Jais – Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Ladies and gentlemen we have a new number one, and it won’t take a genius to work out which nation has invested the big bucks to claim top spot, the United Arab Emirates. That’s right, sat on top of the Ras Al Khaimah, the largest in the UAE, you can find the Jebel Jais Flight which will whisk you through the air at over 144 kph, on a zip line which spans the length of 28 soccer fields! The flight will see you face head down flying through the desert and it is an experience which you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. If you’ve done the Copper Canyon line then it is time to head to the UAE in order to keep that rep of hitting the longest zip lines in the world! Book your tickets for this amazing zipline at Jebel Jais here.