A picture of a full moon

There is just something about a full moon that gets people moving and shaking, horny, hairy and looking for a good party. Maybe it’s the tides, maybe it’s just the sight of that big round glowing pie in the sky that puts us into a frenzy, but there’s one thing that’s true about full moons, they give us an excuse to party!

So on the eve of the next full moon, Here are 3 of the best places to howl at the moon and get down the right way.

Koh Phangan

The original and wildest full moon party of them all is located at Koh Phangan in Thailand.  First enjoyed in 1985 with around 30 people, the event rapidly grew in popularity via word of mouth, and now the event draws anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 people every full moon eve! The full moon party is on the bucket list of most Asia bound travelers and for good reason.  No need to buy VIP paper wristbands for this one, just show up with as little clothing as possible and with a vengeance to party.

A slew of beach bars pump out every type of electronic music you could handle in one night, and the party continues straight into the next morning. Expect lots of neon paint, drinks sold in buckets, wet people and a once in a life time party illuminated by the full moon through the smog-free sky.

Drinks in Buckets at Full Moon Party

Zadra, Croatia

One of the best places to experience a 360 degree moon is in Zadra, Croatia at the Night of the Full Moon party. This annual event is held on the waterfront promenade in this beautiful, Adriatic gracing city. The party boasts countless local artisan food stalls, live music until the morning, unlimited wine and good times.

The entire waterfront is illuminated by candles and torches to add a true primal and authentic feel that offers an experience second to none.  No electrified New Years at Times Square feel here!

Party in Croatia

Full Moon Parties in Miami Beach

Well, being that I live there, I had to share the full moon options in Miami. In the past, there used to be a wild drum circle on the beach between 79th and 85th streets where you could drink, smoke legal and illegal things and let the beats and moon take over your inebriated limbs like a voodoo doll. But, the cops began to crack down on that one.

There is still a drum circle in between 79th and 85th streets on full moon eve and the night of the full moon, but the music begins much earlier at around 830 or 9 PM and drinking and smoking aren’t as accepted anymore.

If you want to party, a lot of lounges and outdoor clubs jumped on the bandwagon and places like The Delano and The Shelborne hotels on South Beach offer some pretty awesome parties on full moon eve every month.  They sport their own drum circles and DJs that take over when people’s hands get tired. The party at the Delano has lots of extra percussion instruments for party goers to join in on the din too.

Where’s the best full moon party you’ve ever been to?