View of Our Timeshare, Fairfield Grand Desert
If you remember, I wrote a post about how timeshares are a horrible investment (which you should know because you read everything I write), but what I didn’t do was provide a solution for those already stuck with one.

Well, for those who are already locked in with a timeshare and can’t make it down to enjoy their property on their “assigned” time, a great way to make some extra money (or at least cover your expenses) is to offer your timeshare for rent.  In a time when people are pretty strapped for cash, many are starting to realize and see that renting their properties for a day, a week, hell months is a smart move (my parents haven’t realized that one with their beach house just yet)((comment away mom, I know you will anyways!)).

Timeshares are a great option if you have a family as many have multiple bedrooms, a separate living space, and a kitchen, which will also save you some green by cooking in a few nights while on vacay.

Believe it or not, timeshares for the most part aren’t just in dumpy little apartment complexes 20 minutes outside Disney World.  You can find timeshare rentals all over the world and many within the properties of familiar brands like Hilton and Marriot.  So for the same cost as a hotel room, you can utilize a whole apartment and the great amenities the property provides as well, boom!