a great way to meet people in a new city

If you are one of those people who love to travel for long periods of time – you know… just drop everything, pick some remote (or not so remote) place, and set up home there – then there may be a website that is perfect for you. InterNations is a social network which is all about expat life. And, best of all, it is only for expatriates.

This doesn’t mean Facebook, because not anyone can join. What makes InterNations unique is that it is the only site out there catering to expats. They have done everything they can to make it much more than just a way of virtually getting in touch with other expats.

First, InterNations has plenty of info on hundreds of different places around the world – countries, cities popular with travelers – and they’ll tell you about how to settle in, how to get the visa you need, and what language and currency you’ll have to come to grips with. It´s useful information, even for the traveling expat who never likes staying put for too long.

As well, InterNations has forums for each of its locations, so people can have in depth chats with other expats that share similar interests or simply just feel like sharing their opinions. Besides connecting expats online through a platform, members as well as guests can attend meetings, events, or activity groups which InterNations puts on in the communities in which they are located. The bigger the city, the more frequent the meet ups and the more snazzy they get. If you’re in Dubai for a few months, chances are you’re going to see the interior of some pretty cool places if you attend an event or activity group…if you’re in Santiago de Chile, then they may not be as often, but they’ll still be there, and are a great way to meet other people from across the globe.

I know, I know. How many times can you say ‘InterNations’ in one post? You’re a traveler, you’re thinking about living or working away from home: why wouldn’t you want to meet people in a similar situation?