crappy timeshare

Living in Florida is something I don’t take for granted, and especially every time I head back north to visit family and friends during the winter time.

People migrate here like birds when temperatures plummet in their homelands and a little sun and relaxation is more alluring than scarves and 4 PM sunsets.

Back in the day when I still lived in the City of Brotherly Love, you’d always hear about somebody heading to Orlando to stay at their family’s “timeshare” for the week.  You don’t hear much about timeshares anymore, maybe because our grandparents who paid for them are dying off, or, people are realizing they’re a bad investment.

Florida was one of the hardest hit states with the housing crisis a few years back because people could purchase a home with no money down.  Timeshares are another real estate gimmick with the “promise” of owning real estate with the notion that why pay more when you only want to use it for a week.

Well, what happens is people get stuck paying ridiculous maintenance fees and not even get to enjoy their “investment” when they want to, with contracts that basically seal them in until death.  Transfer America is a service that helps people get rid of timeshares.  You’re much better off paying fora vacation  à la carte rather than paying bogus fees and being sucked into evil contracts.