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When it comes time to plan this year’s vacation, the “Sunshine State” is on nearly everyone’s list of destinations. Even people who live in Florida vacation in Florida. With a multitude of beautiful vacation spots available across the peninsular paradise, it’s easy to see why. Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular tourist destinations touting some of the most serene beaches in the country. With shopping and restaurant options comparable to Miami, it’s easily one of Florida’s hottest destinations.

Less Traffic than those Other Florida Destinations

While popular tourist destinations such as Orlando and Miami suffer from crippling traffic throughout the day, Ft. Lauderdale enjoys a decidedly less intensive traffic experience. Unless driving during peak rush hour or through downtown on a Friday night, traffic is bearable throughout most of the day. Want to avoid driving altogether? Flat-rate water taxis are not only affordable, but take tourists along a circuit of famous bars, restaurants, homes, and more.

One of America’s Best Beaches

Fort Lauderdale’s chain of beaches stretches nearly 23 miles. The soft sand and bustling beach community makes this a lively area full of exercise, shopping, and eating. Luckily, the beach scene hasn’t enjoyed quite the prominence of its sister beaches in Miami, allowing for a mix of quaint and relaxing beachside snoozing, accompanied by a pleasant background ambience of rollerblades scraping the sidewalk and ice cubes clinking in Margarita glasses.

Spring Break is Still Alive and Well

Although Fort Lauderdale may be considered Miami’s “little sister,” Spring Break is nearly identical to what one can expect on South Beach. Packed beaches filled with attractive co-eds, beachside parties that stretch till the morning, and excessive shenanigans straight out of James Franco’s “Spring Breakers” transform the generally docile destination into the place it could have been if only a few miles closer to Miami.  Spring Break is an absolutely transformative experience in Fort Lauderdale, showcasing everyone’s inner party animal during the spring months.

Non-Stop Shopping

Who doesn’t like to come home with something new after vacation? Whether perusing the shops on Las Olas Blvd or venturing to some of the more obscure shops dotting Fort Lauderdale’s downtown district, there are plenty of eclectic shops filled to the brim with intriguing fashion and wares. For those seeking something a bit more extravagant, America’s largest outlet mall, Sawgrass Mills, is only 30 minutesaway. The 400+ shops lining the halls of this enormous mall easily justify the travel time.

Perfect Location

One of the most impressive things about Fort Lauderdale is how accessible other cities in Florida are when vacationing there. Obviously, Miami is only a short drive south and offers an entirely unique experience of its own. Crossing the peninsula at Alligator Alley will land tourists in Naples, literally one of the most peaceful vacation spots one can imagine. Lastly, access to the Orlando-Miami turnpike allows for travel to areas such as Orlando and Tampa and their respective theme parks, with enough time to get home before the next day starts.

Shed the stressful norms of day-to-day life in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Whether basking in the warm sun on one of Fort Lauderdale’s impeccable beaches, or walking the streets of the unique and lively city, every minute is sure to be filled with the bliss only one of Florida’s best kept secrets can offer. Fort Lauderdale’s exceptional mixture of daytime relaxation and nighttime extravagance make it the perfect place to vacation for anyone looking to escape into paradise for an extended stay.

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