It was only a matter of time before I decided to put pen-is to paper and bust this post out, and I figured I best do it now while I’m still single and can get away with it.

The truth is, anybody who travels frequently, and is not asexual, will attest to the fact that having sex while on the open road is 1. awesome and 2. makes any trip that much better.

There is just something special about meeting someone you’re attracted to in a foreign place , having a great time and then closing the night out doing what we were put on this god forsaken planet solely to do.

While Rick Steves might be content rubbing one out in his 3-star hotel room in Munich, imaging the soft white German breasts of his waitress at the Hofbräuhaus, I prefer to fully enjoy the virility of my twenty-something existence.

Here are my top 3 ways to meet girls while traveling: (Girls, feel free to use these as well!)

1.  Making Waiters Your Matchmakers:

The Girl in the Diner

This is one of my most prized tips.  While traveling solo, you will most likely be eating the same way.  What I will sometimes do is choose a restaurant that has a potential female I might find attractive (of course I like intelligent women, but when you only have a few days, you unfortunately have to go on looks).  I’ll either seat myself near by to her table or ask the hostess to put me in the table of my “choice”.

If I notice any ganders from her direction, then I will reciprocate but never lead onto anything more than harmless eyelash batting.  I’ll enjoy my meal while simultaneously befriending my waiter/waitress, and when I’m done, I’ll write a short note on paper to my hopeful girlfriend at table 3 with a short text saying that I thought she was cute and I’m here on vacation for a little while and don’t know anyone.  I’ll leave my email and phone as well. (If I’m in Latin America or Spain, I’ll definitely do it in Spanish ((if you speak another language, and especially the one corresponding to the country you’re in, try your best to write in it))).

I’ll then leave a nice little tip for the waiter and ask them to drop off the letter while I’m still there.  When the girl receives it, usually they’ll blush, laugh at the table with whoever they’re with, and look around for whoever “might” have sent the little love note her way.  I’ll get up, wink and make on my merry way.  I’ve had a pretty good success rate of receiving an email within a day, which is also good because you’re forcing them to take initiative too.

2. Stay at Hostels

This one is a no brainer, but if you’re by yourself, and feel comfortable staying at a hostel, then do so.  If you’ve only got a couple days in a given location, then there is no better option.  People in hostels are outgoing and there for a reason, to meet people (unless they’re just completely broke).

Most hostels (the good ones at least) plan nights out where you can meet your fellow hostel mates, have a couple drinks, and hopefully hit it off.  You also have social credibility wherever you go because you have “friends”, and if you find someone out at the pub or club you’re attracted to, you will seem much less of a creeper if you’re with a group of people, rather than just sipping a beer at the bar solo playing Angry Birds.

Some of the bigger and more legit hostels even have their own bars which are usually cheap, fun and everyone there is staying right down the hall, the perfect setting for a little sexing.

3. Couchsurfing is Your Best Friend

I have always prized has an amazing community and way to meet new people in every place on earth, receive free accommodation if you’re looking for it…and meet great girls.

Often when I go to a new place, I truly am looking for someone to hang out with, show me the cool sights in town, cool nightlife and great restaurants.  So I ask, is there anything wrong with messaging girls you think are attractive at the same time? Absolutely not.

I don’t normally request to stay at people’s places, and if I do, I won’t even considering doing anything further with them because that kind of thing is pushing it and not what couchsurfing is about.  You have to respect those boundaries and people’s personal space. But, meeting someone in the center of town, having a coffee, or strolling around getting to know one another is a different story.  If you’re attracted to them, then by all means take them for a drink.  If you’re charming, respectful and fun, you’ll probably get somewhere.  You already have the Jack Keroac, On the Road factor going for you.  The handsome nomad, passing through town for “one night” only, and other couch surfers travel themselves, so they know the deal too.

If you’re going to go the Couchsurfing route, be respectful and don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

These are just a few tips on  ways to meet girls while traveling without being an asshole, do you have any other good tips?