The United Kingdom has many cultural, historical and natural landmarks. The lakes of Scotland, the castle around England, the coastal views of Northern Ireland, the mountains and waterfalls of Wales… all of these places are worth a visit, and definitely worth a road trip.

Most visitors from abroad decide to explore London, Edinburgh and other large cities, missing out on the countryside. If you plan to spend your holidays in the UK, the most optimal option is to book a flight to London. Spend a couple of nights there, and then enjoy one of the many day trips from London to interesting nearby landmarks and beautiful towns. All you need is a car and your good to go!

countie in southern England

Windsor Castle.

This historical castle is located close to the city. There are many buses and trains that link London to Windsor, and the castle is located a short walk away from the strain station. This castle has been the home of the Royal Family for almost a millennium. Guided tours are organized around this fortified castle. During those tours you will be able to visit the State Apartments, decorated with antiques and art, and St. George’s Chapel.


This delightful coastal town is located south of the city, on the coast. In order to get there you can take one of the many trains that depart from London Bridge Station and Victoria Station. Explore the streets and the seaside promenade. Take a walk along North Street, where you will find Brighton Museum and the Royal Pavilion. Near the sea you will find Brighton Pier and the famous Brighton Wheel, one of the town’s symbols.


Canterbury is another ideal day trip destination. The easiest way to get there is by train, and there are trains departing London Bridge, London Charring Cross and London Victoria stations. Do not miss the famous ancient Canterbury Cathedral. There are many other landmarks in this town, including the Medieval Town Walls and the Westgate Towers.


If you want to spend a day in Cambridge, start by buying a ticket to the town from London’s Kings Cross station. Explore the ancient University of Cambridge and its many colleges, spread around the town. Spend an afternoon in the University Botanic Gardens and the Mill Pond, located on the river Cam. Watch the rowers row along the river. Do not miss the architectural landmarks of the town, including King’s College and its chapel, Queens College and St. John’s College.


This city is connected to London by a train that departs from Kings Cross stations. Visit the city’s many museums, including the Castle Museum and the National Railway Museum, located next to the train station. The York Minster, a stone cathedral with medieval stained-glass windows, is one of the city’s most popular landmarks. The cathedral is located in the historical city center. Clifford’s Tower and the York Dungeon are other landmarks worth visiting during a short trip to this city.

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