When Ibiza is mentioned as a holiday destination, most people may think of nightlife  and clubbing scene, but there are in fact a broad range of activities to explore. Holidays to Ibiza can provide an unforgettable experience for travellers of all ages and tastes, and no two trips are the same.

Whether you want to soak up the sunshine on one of Ibiza’s unspoilt beaches, take in the natural beauty spots of the island or go for an altogether more modern experience in the diverse range of boutique shops, there’s no danger of you becoming bored in Ibiza.

scenery in Ibiza

Sun and sea

If sunshine, sand and gently lapping waves are what make your holiday special, then Ibiza has it covered. Take a trip to the northern town of Puerto San Miguel and you can’t fail to be impressed by the wide, sandy beach surrounded on all sides by cliffs. Take a walk away from the shore to explore the diverse plant-life and sweeping views on offer from further back.

Visit Cala Llonga and you’ll discover it’s just as relaxed – another beautiful stretch of shoreline with enough restaurants and activities to keep you occupied after the sun goes down. For families, consider heading to the town of Santa Eulalia, where you’ll find a distinctly modern vibe and a gorgeous beach that the kids will love.


Start to venture inland and the hidden gems of Ibiza begin to appear. The capital, Ibiza Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dominated by its medieval fortress and stone walls. Visit the newer part of town and enjoy the vibrancy of the local markets and high-class restaurants.

Elsewhere, the Las Salinas Salt Flats, at the southern end of the island, are not to be missed, especially at sunset. Over 2,000 years old, the water on the flats leaves behind a shimmering layer of pure salt as it evaporates from the lake. Then there’s the Can Marça Caves, where you can relive the adventures of long-ago smugglers and gaze in wonder at the natural formations of stalagmites and stalactites.


Ibiza is well-known for its nightlife, which you should try and sample at least some of. Check out popular San Antonio, where the party never stops, but rather occasionally pauses to catch breath. When you’re ready to get away from it all, take a tour around some of the smaller villages, such as Es Cubells, and sample the local food and drink.

Watersports are a popular pastime in Ibiza and you can enjoy sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing and kayaking from many different spots on the island. Further inland, Ibiza offers many varied and scenic tracks for mountain bikers of all levels of experience. Last but not least, you should sample some of the shopping that Ibiza has to offer: whether it’s in one of the traditional local markets or a contemporary store with a unique twist, there’s a lot to explore.

These are just ten of the myriad of things to do in Ibiza. Making this Spanish island the destination for your next holiday and you can discover the wealth of activities the island has to offer.