Summer is just around the corner and if you were thinking of going on a trip to the sea, you wouldn’t want to miss the Mediterranean as the perfect destination for the whole summer package: clear-watered beaches, fine white sand, hot sunny days, marine breeze, Mediterranean gastronomy and a lot of fun. You would probably want everything at one place, right? Then, Ibiza it’s exactly what you were looking for. This is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, right in the southeast of Spain, it’s famous for its nightlife, nonetheless, it’s a  very rich territory for a non-stop adventure discovering each of its corners either you go for a romantic, family or group trip.

This UNESCO World Heritage site welcomes tourists every year and amazes them with its wonders allowing them to enjoy nature and all kind of attractions all along its 5 municipalities: Sant Josep de sa Talaia on the southwestern coast, Sant Antoni de Portmany on the eastern coast, Sant Joan de Labritja on the northern coast, Santa Eulària des Riu on the eastern coast, and Vila d’Eivissa also known as Ibiza Town that is located on the southeastern coast.

Ibiza and the sea

Life is always better at the sea, that’s why this Balearic island covering an area of 572.56 square kilometers is ideal for a summer sailing holiday where you are free to visit as many beaches as you wish, to do all the restaurants and bars you want, to have fun at waterparks and any other kind of attractions that this heaven-liked piece of land has to offer you.  Do you want to take a walk along the shore? You got it! Do you wish to get tanned on the deck while toasting with friends anchored in the middle of the sea? Sure! Do you feel like visiting different coastal towns in a day for shopping and tourism? You can count on that!

First thing to do is to rent a boat, Incrediblue offers you the best services on vessel renting either is a spacious or a simple yacht needed for you and your friends or family, so you can sail Ibiza’s coves that will delight you with their relaxing crystal waters and dreamy sunsets. As easy as booking online according your destination and needs, you get to have thousands of option for a unique boating experience.

Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea has never been this easy and exciting, once you have got your boat booked it’s time to plan the itinerary around this paradisiac island. On the west coast, you can start from the municipality of San Antonio of Portmany heading south, passing to different coves that are perfect for swimming or snorkel in the depth of the turquoise water. Do you feel like getting off the boat? That is also a good reason for visiting forests in the heart of parks, aquariums or just for having a meal at a restaurant. In the SW direction, you don’t want to miss the spectacular view over the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell from the Tower des Savinar built in the 18th century as a watch point.

The advantage of sailing freely is that you get to visit any tiny little part you want, so if sailing south,  Formentera is an island you must discover since it’s really appealing for its charm. If you feel like doing a sport, this stop in your itinerary is worth it for some wind and kite surfing, scuba-diving is also a great idea in the clear blue water, or simply a relaxing bath is ideal during this summer holiday in a a 25-celsius degrees beach.