Are you someone who loves to wander through the safari parks and jungles in different countries because you are fascinated by the animals? Whenever you plan to visit a new place, the first thing you do is look up the wild life of that area and also look up what animals the local zoo offers. If your favourite part of traveling and family trips has always been a trip to the zoo or a small petting zoo because you get to observe and see new animals, then why shouldn’t your travel map be an ode to that? The creative guys at Luckies of London knew that there are budding Charles Darwin or Steve Irwins in this world and they came up with the perfect scratch off world map for them.

Scratch Map Wild World For The Traveller With A Soft Corner For Wild Life: Since 2009, when Luckies of London first introduced the world to their genius twist on the traditional travel map and invented scratch maps, they have not stopped. They keep on coming new scratch maps with different themes and sizes because they know that not all travel maps are made equal. For the aspiring zoologist or just someone who finds the diversity in animals interesting, Scratch Map Wild World is the perfect scratch map.

  • Cool Theme: Scratch Map Wild World colour scheme has a soothing and calming effect as soon as you lay eyes on it. The underlay is made up of deep sea blue laminate paper with a subtle shade of green is used as a foil.

  • Scratch More Than Just Countries:With this scratch map, you get to enjoy two things at a time. Not only can you scratch off the countries you have visited like a normal scratch map, discover the animals relevant in the region once you scratch off the top foil. There are not 1 not 10 but total of 70 animals adorning this scratch map.

  • Rainbow Of Colours:Underneath the foil, you will not only find the regional animal but also bright vibrant colours filling in the countries along with other topographic details. Don’t blame us if you find it hard to control your scratching itch and uncover all the colours and animals.

  • Legend Full Of Regional Animals:At the bottom of the map, find beautiful drawings and information about the most iconic animals from around the world including the bald eagle.

  • Factsheet to Make Things Interesting: To satisfy travelers who love to know all about the wild life, this scratch map comes with its own factsheet. This factsheet includes basic information about all the 70 animals that can be found on the map of the world.

  • Own Wild World Gift Tube: Like the other scratch maps by Luckies of London, Scratch Map Wild World comes in its own gift tube made of highest quality of materials and follows the same cool theme of the main map. You can easily hang this scratch map in an A1 size poster (59.4 x 82.5cm).

Summary: Scratch Map Wild World with its cool theme and over 70 creatures is the ideal scratch map for those whose primary motivation to travel is to explore more wild life.

Author Bio: Chelsea Hayden is studying to be veterinarian. She has always found herself feeling a special bond with animals.