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I refuse to pay full price for things.  Yea I know I’m Jewish, but this has nothing to do with my that. From clothes to traveling, I feel with a little research, you can save a lot of money on purchasing flights, hotels, hell even your favorite cologne or perfume.  I also like to take advantage of ordering things online, because for now at least, if the website your ordering from is not based in the state in which you live, you don’t pay sales tax.  You have to be careful though, because sometimes shipping negates those savings, so finding what you’re looking for with “free shipping” is kind of crucial, but with larger purchases, it is usually included.

Buying Stuff

For example, recently I was in the market for a new desktop computer (I know, old school), but it’s much easier for me to read on a big monitor than my laptop when I’m working at home.  Of course I can go to my local Best Buy, but if you’re spending a few hundred bucks, tax is a pretty significant amount, and you can usually find better deals online.

I usually go to a local store and try out whatever I’m considering getting. When I’m satisfied, I’ll go home and do a Google search for Online Coupon Codes for that product, searching for lowes coupons if I’m looking for new tools or furniture, for example. I have a pretty decent success rate.  The internet has opened the world to so much competition that you can usually find whatever you’re looking for at rock bottom prices.

Buying Flights

While using Kayak or Sky Scanner to research flight deals is usually a pretty safe bet, there are other tricks you can use.  For example, some of the super discount airlines like Southwest don’t permit the flight search engines to crawl their flights, so you have to go directly to their website.

Like for buying goods, you can search for Southwest Airlines Coupon Code and find some of the promotions that they publicize.  For every flight you should search on the travel search engines and then do a coupon code search to see if you can get it for less, I’ve had a decent success rate doing so thus far.

Buying Vacations

Utilizing coupons codes goes beyond just products online and flight deals, you can land some pretty ridiculous full-blown vacation package deals as well, especially to places that are in resort areas. For example, if you wanted to go to the Bahamas, you could search for Cheap Caribbean Promo Code and you will see some pretty jaw-dropping vacation options. I often find really good deals when I search for airparks discount codes when I need to park at the airport as well. There is so much competition in this market that sometimes resorts will basically just give you your stay at cost.

When in doubt, Coupon search it out!