Horror movies are by far the best genre of film to accompany date night. Whether or not it’s a first date, or some much-needed quality time, the sense of thrill and excitement incited by horror creates a great atmosphere to enjoy one another’s company. Here is a list of the best horror films to put on for date night, spanning a range of styles to suit every couple. 

Classic Horror

These are great for couples with a shared passion for the genre. Films such as IT, an instant classic based on a Stephen King novel, are the epitome of horror. The iconic character of Pennywise combined with stunning visual depictions of common fears creates a fun film packed with scares. Paranormal Activity is a great idea for building tension and suspense for those to watch together, while other classics like the Blair Witch Project, Silence of the Lambs, the Exorcist and Jaws can invoke nostalgia and a deep love for the genre.


These are much better suited for those who don’t actually want to be scared, but enjoy the pantomime of horror. Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead are great examples which satirise classic zombie tropes in a clever and enjoyable fashion, without too much actual gore. Death Becomes Her is another funny classic that packages horror ideas in an eccentric and glamourous manner, perfect for watching when you don’t want to kill the vibe. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a warm comedy filled with misunderstandings and accidents which both admire and mock the horror genre, and is perfect for those who don’t want anything too serious.

New Horror

For something fresher and more exciting, trying to find more recently produced horror films with great ratings can be a challenge. Recent films directed by Jordan Peele are award-winning and provide interesting characters and concepts with Get Out, and Us. These films have truly creepy premises which are gripping, without being too disturbing and visceral. Train to Busan is a 2016 zombie film with fantastic reviews, being an intimate narrative with a sense of urgency and drama. Parasyte is another critically acclaimed award-winning film released in 2019, which follows a new and original take on the horror genre.

Romantic Horror

This is the obvious go-to for date night, and combines the adrenaline spike of horror with the endorphins of romance – this may seem an unlikely pairing, but the following films demonstrate their effectiveness. Warm Bodies is the horror-take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and follows the love story between a zombie and a survivor. This heartwarming film doesn’t compromise on classic zombie presentations and presents romance without being too cheesy.

Unconventional Horror

This is a subgenre where the form of horror subverts your expectations. Jennifer’s Body is a good example of this, where the character of a popular teenage girl is completely flipped to suit a more horror-based narrative. You can also find films which subvert the practice of gambling or negotiation, such as Would You Rather, or 13.

Enjoy these recommendations for horror films suited to date nights, whether you love horror itself or you just want a thrilling watch.