With virtually all forms of communication now easily accessible from your pocket, spending extended periods of time away from home no longer means you have to shut down your business. It’s entirely possible – and in fact, relatively easy – to keep your company ticking over. You just need to stay savvy and ensure you are fully prepared. Here are a few tips for how you can do that.


Start thinking mobile

Gone are the days when an office was simply confined to a single building. With the onset of mobile technology and cloud computing, your office is now wherever you can find an internet connection. If you’re considering continuing your business on the move, it’s time to fully embrace this mindset.

Consider transferring all your work to your smartphone or tablet so everything is in your pocket, and ensure all of your documents are saved in a cloud system to be easily accessible from multiple devices wherever you require it, this in conjunction with multi-cloud security architecture services will give you the protection of having one static location of accessing data with the portability of working from a mobile device.

Choose the right communication package

It’s absolutely essential to get your communication needs in order to maintain a business while traveling. Without a reliable provider, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a constant line of communication between your staff and clients. See the Vonage UK website for examples of some cost-effective deals for VoIP and telephone solutions, even when abroad.

Your business could benefit from free calls, as Vonage’s broad variety of packages offer an inexpensive to call any country around the world.

Get your clients on board

It’s important that the people and companies you work with get behind the idea that you’re no longer anchored to one place. Having no fixed headquarters can work to your advantage; your ability to visit foreign branches and international offices will give a positive impression. In an increasingly globalized economy, being such a free agent gives you flexibility that your rivals will envy.

traveling for business

Keep in touch with social media

Just because you’re halfway around the world doesn’t mean you’re out of the loop. These days, social media helps you stay well within the loop, be it the latest trends or recent movers and shakers in your industry.

Make sure you have strong profiles in the big hitters like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and maintain a regular and visible presence, and watch social networks like a hawk to keep up with developments back home.

Enable offline access

If you’re travelling a lot, chances are there will be extended periods of time where you won’t have access to a decent Wi-Fi connection. Luckily, many services (such as Gmail) are now offering offline access, where your documents are synced to your hard drive so you can still view and edit emails without an internet connection – an invaluable luxury.


Do you have any good tips on how to keep your business rolling while on the road?