When we’re exploring new destinations, it’s normal to feel worried about our finances. There are scams everywhere, and some people tend to spend a little more while they’re on holiday. 

However, if you take a few simple measures, you can make sure your finances are safe while you enjoy your trip, wherever it is you’re going to. Without further ado, here are 10 foolproof tips to keep your money safe while you make the best out of an incredible travel.  

10 ways to secure your finances on a trip

Let’s look at the bulletproof ways to secure your hard-earned money while enjoying your vacation.

1. Get a travel-friendly bank card

When you research what card is best for your travels, make sure to pick one that allows you to travel internationally. Remember, 51% of travelers use credit cards to pay for leisure trips and vacations, so this isn’t an uncommon practice.

Try to consider cards with extra perks for your trip, such as lower fees when you use them in other countries or better security features, like chip technology or PIN protection. These make every transaction more convenient, and they protect you from scammers as well. 

Additionally, make sure to get a card that comes with travel insurance coverage and assistance during emergencies. Safety in every way is essential when you’re exploring a new place. Start researching ahead of time so you don’t have to decide in a rush. 

2. Talk to your bank

Before leaving on holiday, make sure to notify your bank about your new destination. Otherwise, they might proceed with security measures, as they won’t know why your card is suddenly operating from a different country. If you don’t, the bank might block your card remotely, which would hinder your finances. 

If you’re worried about unauthorized use, make sure to set up travel alerts on your bank accounts, just in case anything suspicious is happening. This way, you’ll be able to deal with any threat before the damage is done. 

3. Don’t get only one payment option

Yes, it’s convenient to rely on your card and to save yourself the hustle of exchanging money. However, many countries rely more on cash than on cards, and you need to be prepared. The same thing happens with cards: while you can take your primary bank card, getting a second card from a different provider helps in case there’s any trouble. When you diversify your money, you can use it wisely in different situations. 

4. Keep an emergency cash fund 

Debit and credit cards are very useful, but having emergency cash on hand never hurts. If you keep the money safe from robbers, it can help you in case somebody steals your card, and even during emergencies or if you’re staying in a small town. 

To keep it safe, consider using a hidden pouch or buying a money belt. Avoid using your bank to transfer money, as it has resulted in the highest losses ($1.86 billion) due to scams in 2023.

5. Be careful with ATMs

ATMs are a great tool, no matter where you are in the world. Unfortunately, these can also be the target of fraudsters. If you want to avoid getting scammed while trying to extract money out of an ATM, use the ones in well-lit, secure areas, or better yet go directly inside the bank or your hotel. 

Even in those situations, make sure to double-check the ATM conditions. If you see signs of tampering, don’t risk your money. Remember to cover the keypad while you’re putting in your password, just in case anyone’s looking. 

6. Keep an eye on your accounts 

If you monitor your bank account once or twice a week, you will detect unauthorized activity faster. This will help you act effectively, preventing fraudsters from taking your money. Download your banking apps, and open your online account portals regularly. 

If there’s a transaction you don’t recognize, make sure to report it as soon as possible so that your bank can take over. Additionally, you could set up alerts to get notified in case someone tries to access your accounts. 

7. Keep your devices safe

Nowadays, we have a lot of devices: from smartphones to laptops and tablets, our digital footprint tends to be bigger than we know. Cybercriminals are looking to steal and sell our data, and most people don’t have protective measures in place to avoid it. 

Here’s what you should do: 

  • Avoid connecting to public or unsecured Wi-Fi Networks. These can be easily infiltrated by hackers, who can, in turn, access all your data. We’ll expand on this. 
  • Don’t click or download suspicious links or attachments from anyone, not even your friends. These files can be contaminated, and you’ll have problems with your software. 
  • Keep up to date with the latest cyberthreats. Learn how to avoid them and be proactive about your safety. 

8. Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks

While these networks are convenient, the security risks are too high to be ignored. People can easily bypass the weak security measures of the network. 

However, if you have to use it, do it within certain limits. For example, don’t get into your banking app or social media accounts while you’re in a cafe, airport, or hotel. The security problems can be easily avoided by using the public network only for non-confidential things. 

9. Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is one of the best tools for people’s online safety. It hides your connection and your data behind a wall of encryption. This way, you will be protected from hackers and other cybercriminals. Using a VPN helps keep your accounts, passwords, and other personal details safe from unauthorized access. You can get one here

10. Pay attention to your surroundings

It is possible to enjoy a great trip, but don’t forget to pay attention to your devices and the people around you. Sometimes, robbers will steal a device from you, and the attack can grow into a cyberattack when they access your phone. If you’re in crowded areas, protect yourself from pickpockets. Your peace of mind is worth it. 


While traveling is an exciting experience, filled with discoveries about yourself and the world, nobody can afford to forget about safety in every possible way. If you follow these 10 tips, you can make sure that your finances are well-protected and let yourself relax and enjoy this new place to explore.