After months of office day-dreaming and working hard, your vacation dates are finally captured into the calendar and approaching within the blink of an eye. With your travel tickets already booked, you are mentally clued up for a well-deserved time of city-hopping, beach lounging, or outdoor adventure. You have one main task to complete if you want to have a memorable vacation.

That is none other than picking the right travel timepiece. This is a key component in your travelling kit. When you have the pleasure of having more than just a watch, picking the perfect one isn’t a decision that is easily made.

A watch case’s dimensions, the kind of trap, its functionality, and how waterproof it’s are all vital points worth considering before visiting your favourite online or physical boutique or store. This comprehensive guide makes your timepiece selection process an easy one for you. It provides some expert-proven tips and hacks for bringing the right watch on vacation. Read further to discover more.

Versatility is Important

The types of activities you’ll be engaging in are the first thing you need to think about. Will you be engaging in activities that may need a water-resistant watch? Or scratch-resistant timepiece? Are you going on a vacation that will include some business meetings?

Will you be going from more formal to casual settings at some point? Generally, bringing a watch that can blend with a range of outfits and activities is the perfect choice. Find a watch that can provide different functionalities for various vacation activities.

Size and Form

Another key feature to consider is the form and size of your timepiece. Indeed, everyone has a unique taste when it comes to watches. You don’t want to have a piece that will end up being more of an interruption, which is the case with an oversized or too-bulky timepiece. You need a low-maintenance travel watch. It should conform effortlessly to and rest comfortably on the wrist.

In the long run, ergonomic designs can be a perfect option that’ll pay off. This is especially true if your vacation is full of outdoor and sports-based activities such as:

  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Skydiving

Avoid top-heavy timepieces. They can weigh your strap down. Also, they may hang too loosely.

Water Resistance

Going on a holiday and sure to come into contact with water, in most cases and for longer periods? Your travel timepiece must be water-resistant. Luckily, most quartz and mechanical timepieces come fitted with water resistance measures so that they can at least withstand absent-minded splashes or shorter periods of time under your shower. Also, it’s vital to keep the timepiece manufacturer’s specifications in terms of the watch’s maximum depth in mind.

Vacation activities such as scuba diving need a higher resistance to water compared to a quick dip in a swimming pool. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you can pick your travel watch. You’ll be able to bring with you the right timepiece for your vacation activities.


The strap might seem like a little thing. But it’s an important consideration to keep in mind when selecting a travel timepiece. Leather aesthetics complement an elegant or formal watch. However, it isn’t the most practical option for hot climates or wet environments. A leather band is most likely to degrade or change in terms of feel and form from body sweat or seawater. For your everyday holiday wear, there are numerous options to pick from, including:

  • Rubber: Ideal for arid or tropical environments since they’re water-repellent.
  • Textile: NATO textile bands visually switch up the appearance of a timepiece. Also, they sit securely on the wrist. These straps are also easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless bands are strong and sit steadfast if well-fitted. They’re a perfect option for a range of rugged environment types.

Keep in mind that the chlorine component available in seawater can damage your stainless steel, especially when exposed to it for longer periods. Also, sand, gravel or grains can still scratch strong alloys such as stainless steel.


A timepiece bezel can offer extra functionality to your travel watch. Some perfect examples are diving timepieces that come with unidirectional bezels. These bezels can keep track of submersion signal and time, especially when it is time for the user to resurface. Also, GMT functionality which is operated in unison with the GMT bezels.

Are you a backpacker or an outback type? Patek Philippe watches with a bezel compass are available. These timepieces take advantage of the hour hand and sun’s position to determine the direction. This feature might not be 100% accurate. But it still might get the user out of a jam.

Watch Complications

Many timepiece complications exist. They exist in terms of haute horlogerie that shows all types of functionality. When on holiday, a few timepiece complications can be useful.

For instance, a timepiece equipped with a GMT feature is a perfect model companion to own when travelling between different time zones. This feature can display both times over the same timepiece’s GMT bezel or/and hand. Timepieces that incorporate intuitive world timer complications also exist. They enable time determination in 24 time zones. These time zones are usually represented by 24 cities spread across the world at the same time.

Are you flying frequently or holidaying on a cruise ship from one destination to another? This is an interesting feature you need to have. Additionally, a timepiece alarm complication is a vital wrist tool. It can come in handy during your vacation, making sure that you won’t ever oversleep and miss any must-see outings.

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Purchased your travel watch? Keep in mind that travelling with it requires a bit of consideration and planning. By picking the perfect timepiece and taking your time to safeguard it, you can rest assured that your valuable accessory will arrive with you safely and provide its services perfectly.