Traveling is fun and adventurous. It is inspiring and the experience is perfect for your writing assignments. Some students find it difficult to write an essay about their traveling experience. There are some tips to write an exceptional essay on your latest trip. Let us help you get started:

Use a capturing introduction section

Start your essay with something interesting to get the reader’s attention. A travel essay is a lot different from other write-ups. It revolves around your personal experience. It should be exciting and fun to read. Don’t begin with random boring statements such as:

  • Traveling is a fun experience for everyone;
  • Traveling uplifts your mood and spirits.

You can give a more personal touch to your writings by using statements that build the reader’s interest. If the starting lines are not captivating enough, the reader will think the body paragraphs and your remaining essay are also not interesting. To pique a reader’s interest into your blog or essay, here are some examples for you to consider:

  • Break your routine life and open up new vistas of imagination by traveling to your favorite city;
  • Don’t wait for tomorrow! Pack your bags today for this exciting journey I am about to share with you.

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Follow a standard essay structure

Essay on traveling is just the same as any regular essay. No matter what the topic is, the structure of the essay should remain the same. An introductory note begins the essay followed by 3-4 body paragraphs. The conclusion is in the end wrapping up the entire article’s content. The introduction will include a thesis statement, and introduce you to the places you have traveled. Here, you can briefly mention your feelings about the trip.

In the body paragraphs, describe your experience in detail. You should also write about your fun memories and the historical places you have been. Describe the people there and mention their hospitality. Share some tips about the hotel stay, different forms of accommodation and food. You can also share your per-day expense to give the reader an idea about how much money they should keep with them. The concluding note must share your learning experiences and if the trip met your expectations or not. Give recommendations in the end while wrapping up your essay. Check out some ways to present a stunning essay:

  • Brainstorm ideas. Sit in a natural environment to induce creativity;
  • Describe your experience in detail;
  • Begin with the introductory note;
  • Write down the body paragraphs, describing events;
  • Present a conclusion sharing your learning experiences.

Select your favorite city

Wondering how to write a travel essay when you have not visited any place in recent times? The simplest way to start writing is to mention your favorite city. When you write about the best place you would like to be, you can create a journey. Read about different regions and places and see which one inspires you the most. Share useful information with people and make them a part of your journey. Have trouble writing an essay? You can always hire an essay writing service. There are plenty of case study examples that will help you submit quality work on time.

Choose a few attractions

Every place has its unique features and attractions. A buzzing metropolitan city also has numerous places to visit. Mention all the places that have inspired you the most. Give a brief introduction about each attraction. Provide basic information to the readers about unknown sights and fascinating areas. Discuss the most intriguing places in detail. Travelling essay writing is a lot different from other article types.

Here are some general guidelines to help you write an exceptional travel essay:

  • Use a sense of humor to convey your thoughts;
  • Your final aim should be to engage the readers;
  • Share specific descriptions;
  • Give your account;
  • Provide as much relevant information as possible;
  • Use a narrative that builds imagination;
  • Follow a structure;
  • Keep it simple;
  • Don’t use complex vocabulary;

Show rather than tell

Use language that takes the reader to the place. Show them around. Once they are finished reading your essay about travelling experience, they should feel like they have been to the place. Describe the experience. You shouldn’t just list down attractions. Paint an imaginary picture of the space in the reader’s mind. Give specific descriptions about the place and not just discuss any random idea.

Keep it simple

Use simple words and vocabulary. Don’t show off your vocabulary and use high-sounding words. Your teacher is only interested to know how you can narrate any experience. It is not imperative to use flowery language or load up your essay with difficult words. Keep a natural flow and use creative expression to share your thoughts. Using simpler words doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be imaginative. Avoid clichés and formal language as it will kill the purpose of your writing. Brainstorm ideas for your write-up before you sit down to write.

  • Is the essay engaging;
  • Does your essay follow a set structure and format;
  • Is the language creative and interesting to read;
  • Does your essay connect to the reader;
  • Are the words repetitive?

Describe what you achieved

Tell the readers how life-changing the traveling experience was for you. Was it financially draining or rewarding? Your essay on a trip should describe events, happenings, and your overall experience. If you have made good friends or met new people, discuss it in your blog. Every riveting detail would fill up the reader’s imagination.

Give readers a good ending

Every story is incomplete without a proper climax. Your writing should have a significant conclusion. The reader must be satisfied with reading your account. Plan your paragraphs and the information you wish to give out in each para. Leave the thrilling part for the conclusion. 

Don’t share everything in the body paragraphs. If you end your essay about the trip in an abrupt manner, you will lose the essence. Give a conclusion that wraps up everything in a convincing manner. Just like the first paragraph is important, the concluding note is equally necessary.

These are some of the ways to write an essay about traveling. Give vivid descriptions, creatively share your story to grip the reader’s attention. Engage the audience with your account and share with them the various experiences you had. Your writing should enhance the reader’s curiosity.