Minimalism has been on many people’s minds for decades but has been in the spotlight for the last five years. It’s no secret that tons of people are able to achieve their world-traveling dreams through living a minimalist lifestyle. How do they accomplish this? Simply – through buying less, they are able to spend less money than they in turn save. The saved money is enough that not only can they travel more often, but many also become digital nomads working from cities all over the world living out of backpacks and suitcases; talk about freedom!

While living with so few possessions that they could all be stored in a backpack may not be something you’re interested in, it is worth trying to travel that way. The benefits are astounding, and the freedom you feel while traveling in such a way opens up exciting possibilities on your trips. Let’s take a look at how to travel like a minimalist and the benefits of doing so as well.

It’s Eco Friendly 

The environmental benefits of traveling like a minimalist may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s true. Think about it, the less baggage you’re carrying, the lighter the plane, the less fuel spent. Maybe you’ve already started an eco-friendly beauty routine, but going a step further and minimizing how many products you need to bring on your trip might inspire you to stop buying as many once you return home. Do we need five different types of deodorant in our toiletry drawers? You probably only need one moisturizer too! The small steps you take eventually add up to significant environmental impacts.

Remember when we mentioned that traveling like a minimalist opens up exciting possibilities at your destination? Say you’re traveling solo or as a couple, and each only has your backpacks. You can swiftly walk, bike or hike to nearby towns and villages and spend a night there. Something you wouldn’t have even considered if you had to get back to your hotel with your suitcase and all of the baggage you had brought with you!

You Save Money

While you may not be a practicing minimalist at home, traveling this way saves you money on your trip like you are. We all know the temptation of wanting to buy multiple souvenirs from t-shirts to tchotchkes when we’re enjoying the experience of somewhere new. But, how often do those items eventually end up donated within a year or two because you never really used them or found them to be cheaply made, and they broke? Consider picking up something that will remind you of an experience on your journey. This type of souvenir could be as simple as a rock you found alongside a particular walkthrough in Barcelona. It doesn’t really matter. The point is, it will remind you of the special times you had on your trip just the same as a t-shirt would.

It Saves Serious Time 

Forget about the time wasted checking bags and waiting for them when you deboard. This one is simple and a no-brainer. But, if you can force yourself to pack everything for your trip inside your backpack and a carry-on, you’ll be so grateful you did it. And remember, if you really find yourself needing something that you forgot to pack, you can always purchase it wherever you are. Or, you may just be in such a minimalist mindset, you can convince yourself to go without, and we’re back to saving money again!

It Could Change Your Life 

Who doesn’t love a good movie or novel plot where someone travels to some far-off place for work or pleasure and bumps into the love of their lives? Now, maybe traveling like a minimalist won’t change your life in this way, but it could open doors for you when it comes to where you’re living and working. Nowadays, more people are working from home than ever before, so who decides where home is? We mentioned digital nomads earlier. That simply means these people are living and working worldwide and “working from home” while doing so. They get the freedom to decide where “home” is wherever they choose to! This is harder to do as a family, but many families live this way as well.

It may seem impossible to pack this way if you’ve never done it before. However, the truth is that a lot of people who travel often do it every day and have been doing it this way for years. Even if they don’t practice the minimalist lifestyle when they’re at home, give it a try on your next trip; you won’t regret it! Happy trails !