When moving into a new home, keeping track of the new home appliances, updated security systems, and meeting the new neighbors can be challenging. Homeowner apps were designed to simplify the moving process. These apps are free and can be found in google play for androids and the apple app store.


This app was designed to improve home maintenance and manage various household appliances. Centriq works by allowing individuals to upload pictures of any home device that needs fixing. The app provides the user manual, how-to videos, a list of parts, and troubleshooting the appliance. Another feature in this app uses your camera to organize home devices such as HVAC systems, home theatre, and plumbing by function. It also tracks your appliances room by room and house by house. For individuals with multiple properties, you can view listings of the various appliances and their respective parts with a single tap. A significant benefit of this app is that it is easy to order any supply that you might need.


This app is used to encourage interaction and build a strong community. It is used for organizing neighborhood events, meeting new neighbors, promoting your business, asking questions, and giving recommendations on babysitters and other service providers. The app allows its users to share crime updates that will contribute to the safety of the community. However, there have been incidences of users racially profiling individuals. In response to this, the company addresses racial profiling on Nextdoor by letting users report discrimination. This allows neighbors to look out for one another without worrying about saying anything disrespectful or hateful.


New homeowners who may not be acquainted with lawn care professionals in their area will need this app to care for their lawn. Greenpal makes it easier to find, schedule, and pay for lawn care. The app allows you to post pictures of your lawn, after which it gets you a few cutting bids from professional locals. Once you have selected one of the bidders, you will pay online after services have been rendered. Your yard maintenance includes mowing, weed eating, and cleaning up any residue left. If you require other services, such as spraying the beds, you can add them to your list of requirements. The app has vetted and screened the professionals to ensure that every client receives top-notch services.


For new homeowners looking to move and have no idea where to start, Moved was invented for you. The app takes care of your entire moving process. The process begins when the homeowner states what they need help with, for example, booking movers or selling items. Afterward, you will provide basic information about your move, for instance, location. From there, the app sends you a moving assistant who will help you coordinate the move, forward your mail, find storage space, and order affordable packing supplies. This app is also free to use, and you only pay for the services you get


This simple home inventory app helps homeowners manage critical documents, keep track of maintenance, and save their money. When starting renovations or projects, homeZada helps you plan your budget by tracking your costs, receipts, and warranties. This allows you to stay on budget and prepares you for taxes and insurance. It also schedules your annual maintenance with reminders to keep your home safe and efficient for your family.

ADT Pulse

Homeowners who have invested in top-notch security systems and smart devices will require ADT pulse to help them keep track of their security. This app monitors your security cameras, motion detectors, wireless door and window sensors, and backup power system. New homeowners can be able to arm their security system from any location, turn the lights and other small appliances off and on and lock and unlock doors. With this app, you can take your home security management to the next level.

Regardless of the size of your family or location, these apps will enable new homeowners to transition to their new homes smoothly.