Whether you’re visiting your hometown or travelling to a destination from your bucket list, planning a proposal during your vacation can be exciting. Proposing on a trip is a great way to celebrate your special moment and create new memories. Yet, the logistics of travelling with an engagement ring can also be quite overwhelming for many. What if the TSA examines your belongings in front of your partner or the ring sets off the metal detector? What if your luggage gets lost?

It’s essential to determine if you should bring the real ring on your trip to ensure you can travel with peace of mind. Consider the following factors before your trip to focus on other aspects of your proposal. 

The Pros of Bringing the Real Ring

Symbolic Value

The real engagement ring carries deep sentimental value, embodying your commitment and love for your partner. Presenting the finished ring during your trip emphasizes the moment’s significance and showcases your dedication to the relationship.

Surprise Factor

Proposing with the real ring can catch your partner off guard, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the proposal. Seeing the genuine ring can heighten the emotional impact, making it a moment they will cherish forever. 

Photo Opportunities

Imagine capturing the look of sheer joy and surprise on your partner’s face as they see the real ring for the first time. Having the actual ring in photographs can create timeless memories, allowing you to relive that special moment whenever you want.

The Cons of Bringing the Real Ring

Safety Concerns

Travelling with valuable jewelry carries some inherent risks, especially with losing your luggage. Losing or misplacing the real engagement ring during your trip could be devastating. In fact, a Bloomberg article mentioned that the number of travellers filing luggage-related claims surged by more than 30 percent post-pandemic. 

Depending on the destination, there may also be a higher risk of theft or pickpocketing. Consider the safety measures available in your chosen location before making a decision.

Emotional Stress

Carrying the real ring can add more anxiety to your trip. You may constantly worry about the safety and security of the ring, which could distract you from fully enjoying your time together. It’s essential to assess how comfortable you are with this added responsibility and whether it may overshadow the joy of your trip.

Consider purchasing a temporary placeholder ring to reduce the stress, such as a less expensive ring or a simple band, for the proposal. Work with the reputable team of custom jewellers at Alexis Gallery to create your ideal engagement ring. They can help you design a ring based on your unique taste and budget to help you mark the beginning of your new journey with your significant other. You can ask them to show you proposal-worthy ring options you can carry around without worrying about the safety of the real ring. 


Some travel activities, such as hiking, water sports, or adventurous excursions, may not be conducive to wearing or keeping the engagement ring safe. If you plan on engaging in such activities, leaving the real ring at home might be more practical to prevent damage or loss.

The Final Decision

Ultimately, the most important aspect of your proposal is the love and commitment you share with your partner. Whether you bring the real ring or opt for an alternative, the sentiment and significance of the moment will remain the same. However, the decision depends on your comfort level with carrying the ring when you travel.