Arch in Barcelona

The best time to visit Barcelona depends on many things. It is wise to keep several factors such as weather, peak tourist seasons and budget in mind. Barcelona is the 2nd biggest metropolitan area in Spain and has a wealth of great things to offer its tourists who seek to experience one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Tour-goers visit Barcelona for its beaches, events, nightlife and activities such as hiking, biking and sightseeing. The preferred time to do all these activities is during summer when tourists can bathe under the glorious sunshine and just enjoy the sceneries in warm weather.

However, summer is the peak season for tourism. If you want to enjoy a bit more elbow room for your tours and a cooler breeze, then the best time to visit Barcelona is in  Spring. Winter is the low season of tourist visit because it gets pretty cool, nonetheless, this is the least expensive vacation time since airfares and accommodations are cheaper. If you want to experience various cultural events, then going in the Fall is advisable. Prices are still low at these times.

Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast which enjoys mild temperatures all year. Summer time is dry and warm. August is the hottest month in Barcelona. Winter is cold and rain is common. September and October are the months of rainfall and thunderstorms. Spring and fall is preferred by some tour-goers as the best time to visit Barcelona because it’s not-too-hot and not-too-cold, ergo, ideal for a tour and visit.

If carnivals and festivities are your motivation in choosing to visit Barcelona, then spring and summer is ideal. It is important to take note of the following events and time: Carnival every February, Grec Festival every June to August, Festa Mayor de Gracia every August, Festes de La Merce every September, Eglesia de Sant Agusti every March to April, and Electronic Music Festival every June. It is in these festivals that both locals and tourists can enjoy dancing, music and parades in the street.

The peak season is regarded to be every summer and is definitely considered by some as one of the best times to visit Barcelona. It is in Barcelona that most business trips and tourism happens. It is not only specifically in summer months that Barcelona is jam-packed with tourists but also every major holiday such as New Year’s day, Good Friday and Spain’s National Day, to name a few.

These are the times when Barcelona becomes crowded. Summer time is the most expensive time to visit as well. This happens every August. Hotels are full. This might give tourists difficulty in booking a place to rest. A great alternative to hotels, especially when they’re expensive is to looking into short-term Barcelona apartments for rent. Winter is the least expensive. For souvenir buying, it is important to take note that stores and shops are open except every Sundays.