After reading an article in USA Today…today, about how Mexico is spending $30 million on an ad campaign to bring back its favorite American tourists, I thought I’d do my part and help reiterate the fact that Mexico is indeed a safe place to travel.

I think it all comes back down to not going to places you probably shouldn’t go, or doing things that will probably end you up on an episode of Locked up Abroad (great show by the way).  I’m from Philly, one of America’s worst cities, but you would never know it, unless you go to the heart of one of the many ghettos and took a  midnight stroll, but why would I or anyone do that?  It’s the same thing with Mexico.  I don’t know many people that would take a vacation to Juarez right now…

I spent a winter in the central Mexican highlands, and did not feel unsafe even once.  This is because the drug cartels, rampant crime and major kidnappings don’t exist there.  No one is going to just scoop you off the street.  Most kidnappings are planned out ordeals with lots of research into your family’s worth, income, etc.

Check out this video I just found on my hard drive from my visit to Guanajuato, Mexico.   It is one of the coolest cities/places I’ve ever been, and you can get an idea from my video of how many different layers and little secret passages the city offers.

Mexico is safe enough people, don’t pass on an amazing country so close to home!