After 12 grueling hours 30,000 feet above the earth, I finally made it to Istanbul.  I lucked out on my flight from Miami to Madrid with no one sitting next to me, but the overly vocal red neck missionary across the aisle erased me enjoying that luxury.  My second flight from Madrid to Istanbul was one of the most turbulent i’ve ever been on, but I lucked out again with no one in my three-person row, so I had the chance to curl up into fetal position and catch a few Z’s.

Upon my arrival at Ataturk Airport, I opted for the hotel I was staying at to send a driver for me (20 bucks) to just get me to a shower as soon as possible.  The driver was a funny guy who didn’t speak a word of English, but insisted on me smoking a cigarette with him, so I said, screw it, when in Rome…Well I’m pretty sure Istanbul was considered Rome at one point!


So my two week journey from Turkey to Bulgaria begins!

Anyone been to Istanbul that knows any cool “off the tourist path” I should check out?