Last night I went to a free wine tasting event compliments of Bordeaux Wines at a really cool “local’s” spot on South Beach called Bistro 555.  I sent the email invite over to my always “Yes” saying friend Clark.  We filled out our “wine profile” online and when we arrived, were given 4 drink tickets to our predetermined “personal preference table”.  Mine somehow ended up being the shitty desert and juice-tasting white wine table, so after bartering with various patrons, I managed to trade some of my tickets for some at the robust reds table.  I had a great time, and as you can see, am always ready for a picture!

I like going out during the week better than on the weekends for the following reasons:

1.  I can’t stay awake past 2 AM, (I’m the oldest young person you’ll ever meet).

2.  There are always a ton of free networking events, wine tastings, etc. mid-week that bring out a way better crowd than your typical weekend warriors.

3.  You meet great people that know how to enjoy their lives (What good is working all week if you can’t go for a drink on hump day).

4.  Networking at evening events is a great way to drum up new business because the mood is light, and everyone is usually more friendly after a few drinks!