Taking a break from your day-to-day life should be all about trying something new. If you truly want to relax and recharge this year; here are 5 new destinations to try in 2017.


Australia is an astoundingly beautiful country that has diverse geography, iconic landmarks and animals that are only found in this one area of the world. Rent a vehicle and tour through the desert or wind along the coast. There is so much to see and do that putting together an itinerary beforehand is crucial! Sidney is the capital city and you must visit the Sidney Harbour, take a trip to the Sidney Opera House and pay a visit to Bondi Beach. Make sure you take the time to see animals like Kangaroos, dingoes, platypus, Koala Bears, and some of the deadliest snakes and spiders in the world.


The best way to visit Alaska is by taking a cruise, this will allow you to see all the incredible sights from the comfort of the deck. The coastline is positively awe inspiring. It is one of the greatest areas in the world for pristine nature. The coastline is beautiful and you can expect to see frolicking dolphins, migrating whales, towering glaciers, and the beautiful Inside Passage Anchorage, Juneau, and Skagway are three of the most popular areas to get off the boat and explore. Be sure to visit Denali Park, a 6 million acre nature reserve and spend a week or more exploring the wild.


Holland is a pretty flat country and it is a great place to get around on bicycle or by foot. Amsterdam is the capital city and you must visit the Van Gogh Museum and stroll through the Red Light District at night. Make sure you also take the time to visit The Hague, and view the parliament buildings and Peace Palace. Head out to the countryside to see stunning sights like windmills and acres of tulip fields in every colour of the rainbow.


Morocco is an exciting country and you can go trekking in the Atlas Mountains, surfing on the coast or simply explore the exciting capital city of Marrakech. This fortified city has existed since medieval times. The marketplace is a lively maze of alleys where you can view snake charmers and fortune tellers, smell exotic spices, and shop for beautiful textiles, pottery, and jewelry. Head out of the market area and wander through streets filled with palaces, amazing gardens and stunning mosques. Be sure to obtain permission before entering any of the mosques as it is considered disrespectful to enter if you do not follow the Islamic faith

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is  filled with amazing cultural monuments and buildings. Take time to visit the capital city of Prague, and see the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town and watch the show that happens every day on the hour. You can then stroll over the Charles Bridge that is lined with statues and head up the hill to St. St. Vitus a stunning example Gothic architecture. If you are interested in music you can often walk down the cobbled streets and find concerts to watch in the old churches that showcase western classical music. Make sure you also head over to the New Town to see Wenceslas Square and get some shopping in Cesky Krumlov is one of the ten cheapest European cities to visit and you can visit a 13th century castle. The Czech Republic is one of the largest producers of hops in the world and you can go on beer tours and try some samples.