Sydney Harbor is among the must see places in Australia ... photo by CC user Enochlau on wikimedia

With its vast size and equally vast range of things to see and do, you might not know where to start if you’re visiting Australia. So to point you in the right direction and make the decisions a little easier, here are five must-see places you should make an effort to go to on your trip.

Sydney Harbour

With the iconic Bridge and Opera House in view, along with a variety of shops, bars and activities on this famous stretch you can easily spend days here. Visit in the evening to see it all lit up though, and you might even catch one of the free firework displays.

The Blue Mountains National Park

Just outside Sydney is the sprawling Blue Mountains National Park. Hike there yourself or catch a river cruise that will take you from the city into the heart of this stunning natural wonder.

The Great Barrier Reef

Speaking of natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef is another incredible place that stretches for thousands of kilometres off the country’s eastern coastline. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to take a dip and experience the Reef yourself.

Ngadiku Dreamtime Walks

Learn about Aboriginal heritage by going on one of these walks. At the Mossman Gorge, local Aborigine people provide guided walks through a number of different terrains while regaling you with fascinating stories about their way of life.


Sydney might have the landmarks but Melbourne has a huge amount to offer. From the shopping, to the night-life and delicious variety of food; this is another place you can easily spend an entire holiday enjoying.

Naturally what you can get to see depends on where you’re travelling to and whether or not you’re visiting more than one place. Either way you’re bound to have an amazing time and as a final little tip, check out this infographic from which is full of useful facts to help you on your antipodean travels.