Canada has a lot to offer even the most seasoned traveller. Most people associate this vast country with mountainous landscapes, but that’s only one small part, and hopefully in today’s post, you’ll see why this is as culturally diverse a place as anywhere else on earth.


  • Niagara Falls

This bucket-list attraction pulls in millions of tourists every year, not just so they can take a selfie with the Horseshoe Falls, but so they can experience the many activities and events in the area. Stay in one of the Marriott on the Falls hotels for a room with a view of the Falls themselves, or take a tour around the award-winning wine country and sample some of their finest bottles. You can sail up Niagara River on the Hornblower Cruise, and feel the spray of the Falls on your face, or take a view from above, sailing through the air on the brand new zipline attraction. If you prefer the quiet life though, you can marvel at the geological features in Niagara Gorge before walking up one of the many hiking routes.

  • The Canadian Rockies

This is perhaps what Canada is most famous for, and it’s well worth the visit. This area of land stretches from British Columbia to Alberta and is one of the world’s most impressive mountain ranges, with awe-inspiring views, crystal-clear lakes and luscious forests. Without a doubt, you’ll find the best photography opportunities waiting for you in Banff National Park. From the glorious sunsets to the diverse wildlife that you’ll be able to engage with, it’s a walker’s paradise that you’ll never want to leave.

  • The Yukon

Heading north to colder climates, the Yukon is the magical, snow-covered gem tucked away in the upper territory. For those of you who consider yourselves intrepid explorers, why not go on one of the many tours to see the Northern Lights? The shimmering blue, green and purple hues of the Aurora Borealis, as it’s also known, can be seen best during late August to mid-April in these northern plains, and you can reach it by dog-sled. Besides that, there’s plenty of ice-fishing, skiing and chances to ride your own snow-mobile for the day.

  • Montreal

Last but certainly not least, Montreal is the place for you if you’re a self-confessed culture-vulture. As the second largest city in Canada, you’ll find a vibrant nightlife, a fine-dining scene for the discerning foodie, and with a large French-speaking population, there are many elements of European culture adopted here. With its laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfect place to spend a few days visiting museums and drinking cocktails. Plus, with over 100 festivals a year you’ll always find an excuse to visit, such as the Fete des Neiges de Montréal – a celebration of all things snow and ice, running through January and February.

Have you been on a Canadian adventure recently and think we’ve missed off a vital location? Let us know in the comment section below.