It is difficult to describe the serine beauty of Sorrento. The southwestern Italian coast town rests majestically on the Sorrentine Peninsula, just over the way from the Bay of Naples. From beautiful blue oceans which can be captured on the many cliffs and beaches which can be accessed on foot, to easy access to ancient wonders of Pompei, Sorrento is among the most stunning places on the planet.

When we think of Sorrento, we imagine limoncello or the views from the famous Marina Grande or Marina Piccolo. There is so much more, however, as the popular coast attraction will show. Despite being associated with star frequenters such as Luciano Pavarotti and Lucio Dalla, it does not take a millionnaire’s bank balance to enjoy Sorrento. The good news is that there is plenty to do – even on a budget – so even if you have to save those pennies, get your free score credit check and get a small loan, or simply plan your trip a few years in advance, it is easily doable for people of all incomes.

Things to see in Sorrento

Where do we start? There is simply an abundance of things to do and see in this wonderful part of Italy, which makes it difficult to recommend particular places. As with anywhere you travel to, what you will enjoy seeing or doing will depend on your own personal tastes and interests.

That being said, the following places are what we would consider as must-see in Sorrento:

Cathedral of Sorrento

Famous for its clock tower, the Cathedral of Sorrento sits conveniently on the Corso Italia in the heart of Sorrento. While the cathedral appears fairly unremarkable from the outside, once you step in through the doors of Duomo, you will see what all the fuss is about.

Marina Grande & Marina Piccola

A beautiful summer stroll in Sorrento is not complete without a trip to the Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. The stunning views over the bays will be, at least, close to any beauty you have ever witnessed. Take in the jaw-dropping scenery from any of the number of bars and restaurants on the marina.


The stunning turquoise waters and charming grottos of Capri can be accessed by hiring a private boat tour once you arrive on the island. Taking a ferry from Marina Grande, you will be transported to your own personal piece of wonder.

Amalfi Coast

Ask anyone about the top places to visit when you are in Sorrento and the chances are the Amalfi Coast will be referenced. Getting to this scenic banquet is easy – you can take one of the many frequent buses that runs from Sorrento, or take a ferry.


Imagine being just thirty minutes away from one of the most incredible attractions on earth. When you are in Sorrento, this is how close you will be to the ancient city of Pompeii. With views of Mount Vesuvius and the famous wonders of the city, this will be a visit you will never forget.

With so much to see and do, there is no wonder why Sorrento is continuing to grow in popularity among travelers.