Are you a road trip-loving foodie? Do you live in Ohio, or will you pass through the state on your trip? No matter your reason for being on the road, you need to eat. Why stop at busy fast food restaurants or sit-down chains that you can find in any state when you can support small businesses and get more unique menu options by checking out some of the best family-owned restaurants in Ohio?

Bearden’s in Rocky River

Originally called Jackson Limited, Bearden’s opened in Rocky River, OH, in 1934. By 1948, it was co-owned by Ross Bearden and the Orange Brothers. Today, the restaurant features retro decor, a bear mascot, and a train that circles the top of the building. Its unique design and kid-friendly menu make it a great stop on family road trips, and you can’t pass up the Peanut Butter Bear, a steak burger served with pickles and peanut butter.

Lily’s Bistro in Dayton

Have you found yourself dreaming about buying a new Volvo for sale so you can begin your culinary road trip yet? You will when you hear about Lily’s Bistro in Dayton, OH. Located in the Historic District, the eclectic eatery provides indoor seating, a gorgeous outdoor patio, and a seasonal brunch and dinner menu. Be sure to try the southern-inspired cocktails as well. You’ll love relaxing in the laid-back atmosphere surrounded by beautiful plants until you’re ready to get on the road again.

Schmucker’s in Toledo

A third-generation, family-owned diner, Schmucker’s in Toledo, OH, has been known for serving the best breakfast in the city for more than 70 years. The atmosphere is eclectic and contains a wooden phone booth and the same 13 chrome stools that launched the lunch counter in 1948. The made-from-scratch meals include some of the best blueberry pancakes in the state, not to mention a range of burgers, homestyle dinners, and much more. Be sure to take home one of their amazing pies for dessert. Options include vanilla peanut butter, coconut cream, fresh strawberry, and more.

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville

Offering homemade ice cream and 1950s nostalgia, Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville, OH, can’t be skipped if you love desserts. Originally opened by cousins Tom Mirgon and Jack Hemmer, the vision was all about making the ice cream your own. Whether you build your own sundae or create your own milkshake, you can be sure whatever you order is made just for you. If you love nuts on your ice cream, don’t skip them here. Tom’s fresh roasts their nuts daily and processes all their toppings in-house. Hungry for more? You can even order fresh cinnamon donuts, a croissant breakfast sandwich, and a range of other breakfast items.

A Trip You Can’t Pass Up

Whether you’re heading through the center of the state or visiting the northern part of Ohio, you can’t pass up visiting some of these family-owned restaurants in the area. You’re not only sure to find good food, but guaranteed to make good memories during your culinary road trip.