With almost 50 countries, it would be near impossible to visit every capital on the continent. So which ones are really worth checking out if you can only explore a few? Well are five capitals that you really should consider paying a visit to.


big ben at night

London is one of the most visited cities in the world with numerous landmarks worth seeing. Tourists flock each year to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, as well as checking out the Thames, the London Eye and perhaps a West End show.

The city hosted a successful Olympic Games last year and is certainly an important sporting city. Six of the English Premier League’s clubs are based in the capital and Wembley stadium will even host the Champions League final of 2013, as well as two NFL games this year. So whether snapping some photos or catching the big game, London is the place to be!


Beer in Ireland

Although not on everybody’s Bucket List, Dublin is one of Europe’s most vibrant and lively capitals. You’ll probably have heard about the friendly people of Dublin, and Ireland as a whole, and it is 100% true that Dubliners are welcoming and easy to get along with.

The people make the city, but the world-famous Guinness plays its part too. Guinness is poured in bars around the world, from New York to Sydney, but this is its home! You can visit the Guinness storehouse while visiting or can simply enjoy a pint in a local par in the busy Temple Bar area of the city, where Dublin’s exciting nightlife is centered.

Between the people and the nightlife, you’ll have a great stay in Dublin!


River in Prague

The Czech Republic’s capital city is quickly becoming a favorite destination for a weekend away. With cheap beer and plenty of it, Prague is a great spot for a party weekend or even for broadening your beer tasting horizons.

The city also boasts impressive architecture round every corner, in both the new town and the old town. So there is plenty to see, not least the Prague Castle – the largest castle grounds in the world!


This is one of Europe’s favorite capitals and with good reason. During the day you can do some sightseeing and catch some mightily impressive works, such as the Reichstag, the East Side Gallery, the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall. Throw in a good museum, like the thought-provoking Holocaust Museum or any of the five of Museum Island, and you’ll have an action-packed few days in the city.

After some sightseeing you’ll want to grab a bite to eat and have some of Germany’s best cuisine to choose from on just about every street corner. After refueling on some good food, head out to enjoy the Berlin nightlife – one of the best in the world. The party goes on until the early hours of the next morning, when you can grab some zzzzzs and then get back onto the tourist trail.


The City of Lights as it’s often called, Paris is perhaps the most romantic destination in the world. That makes the French capital the perfect spot for a romantic weekend break, but it’s not just for couples this fantastic city. Paris has some of the most recognizable landmarks on the planet, from the Eiffel Tower to The Louvre. You’ll be unlikely to turn a corner in Paris and not see somebody on the street taking a photo of something, but that just proves how important the Parisian sights are.

The French cuisine is another thing not to be missed and there’ll always be somebody eating at any point in the day. From croissants at breakfast to frog’s legs at dinner, this city loves to eat!

If any of these capitals sounds like the place for your next trip, then know that Go with Oh provides holiday apartments in all five of these cities, not to mention many more. Wherever you choose to visit, you’ll be sure of a great stay and a lot of capital fun!

Have you been to a great European capital city that you think should be on the list?