When I first saw “An Idiot Abroad”, I laughed a lot more than I thought I would with that classic, dry British humor. Although I couldn’t watch it on actual TV in the states (it was only aired on British Television), I caught some of the episodes online and it was definitely quality. It was a show organized by comedian Ricky Gervais in which he sends out fellow Brit Karl Pilkington into ridiculous situations in remote and interesting places around the globe. Karl is a pretty curmudgeon dude too, so it makes things extra funny.

Well, after a couple successful seasons, the Science Channel has picked up the show and now is sending poor old Karl out on the road again, but this time he’s got a companion, or at least half of one. His road mate is going to be none other than Warwick Davis! You might remember this pint-sized nugget from…basically anything a dwarf was ever needed for including my favorite, Willow (also starring none other than Val Kilmer) as well as The Leprechaun, Star Wars and all the Harry Potter movies. He’s a pretty bad ass dude.

On this season, the two oddly companions will be tracing Marco Polo’s 5,000 mile route from Venice through eastern Europe, across India and then finally ending up in China. There will be episodes of them doing funny stuff in many of their stops including participating in an Indian circus and dressing up as Pandas in China (complete with a suckling session) so they can enter a Panda enclosure without being mauled (see video below)

The first episode will air on the Science Channel on Saturday, January 19th at 9 PM EST. Check it out!