The best time to visit Nottingham, England is usually around April to August since this period provides the most suitable climate for tourism exploits. However, if you plan to immerse yourself in its legacy, you better set your vacation date either during the summer or early fall as these coincide with festivals commemorating the area’s most famous (alleged) resident – Robin Hood. Now, if you haven’t caught on yet, Nottingham is not just a place from a story. It is actually a city found in the East Midlands, with an origin dating back to 600 AD. It was a key participant in the Industrial Revolution and it is now one of the most visited regions in the state of Nottinghamshire, with a number of attractions to boast and amazing places to stay.

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On top of the list of highlights you should check out is the Nottingham Castle, which basically provides insight into the metropolitan’s heritage. It has an art gallery as well as interesting artifacts that depict the town’s legacy. And it also has a Robin Hood statue outside that should provide a fun venue for picture taking. But be forewarned, this place isn’t actually much of a castle, rather, it is a stately mansion. So don’t be surprised by the aesthetics.

Of course, you should check out Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn, one of the oldest pubs in Britain. And while at it, go to the Museum of Nottingham Life, where you’ll get to learn more about the changes that have occurred over the last 300 years in the city’s social structure. Don’t worry about the best time to visit Nottingham for these highlights since they pretty much accommodate people at any date. However, you ought to consider operational hours if you want to fully tour each of the suggested points of interest.

The City of Caves might also be a good destination for you if you want to experience a different side to this place than what the previous hot spots could expose you to. And you could also extend your itinerary and include Newstead Abbey, the Wollaton Hall as well as Nottingham Council House since they are equally interesting as those earlier mentioned.

The Nottingham Contemporary and the Angel Row Gallery should also improve your appreciation of local talent as it displays works made by artists in the area. And if you want to get more acquainted with its natural landscape, you ought to check out the Sherwood Forest Country Park. It is vital that you research on the best time to visit Nottingham for these highlights since some of them require tour bookings and may not be accommodating guests all of the time.

If you want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, try a day drip to the Peaks District which is close to Nottingham. There are a wealth of fun activities like hiking and mountain biking. Check out Leisure Lake Bikes to pick up a demo bike and head for the hills!