Thousands of islands scattered across the Caribbean and Atlantic… no wonder choosing the perfect destination can be a little overwhelming! From the popular haunts to the secluded hideouts, the Caribbean is awash with heavenly, picture perfect settings that would provide a welcoming, relaxing stay like no other.

The problem for many people looking at holidays in the Caribbean is making a final decision on where to base yourself. Here are five great options that offer year-round sunshine, to help fill your mind with some inspiration.

Coastline in Bermuda

The British Virgin Islands

Seclusion, tranquility and natural beauty – if all this sounds like it’s right up your street, one of the British Virgin Islands would be ideal. Uncrowded beaches, aquamarine waters and unspoilt landscapes are the name of the game here; if you want to enjoy your own piece of paradise, where it feels like you’re the last people on Earth, the BVI are the answer.


Seven islands, all linked by bridges, Bermuda is a tiny archipelago that appeals to anyone in search of an exotic retreat. Head for Elbow Beach, which is famed for its mile long stretch of pink sand, or enjoy an afternoon of snorkelling in the shallow, azure waters.


Popular with celebs, Antigua is more than just luscious beaches. Its lush landscapes offer adventure aplenty, while the watersports opportunities are rife because of the excellent wind conditions.

Saint Vincent

It’s highly probable that you’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and if that’s true, you may recognise parts of St Vincent, because this is the island where a lot of the blockbuster was filmed.

The uncrowded beaches and tranquil resorts make St Vincent a very special island that is unspoilt and jam-packed with natural beauty. You may not run in to Jack Sparrow, but you’ll certainly have your own piece of a desert island.

Cayman Islands

Can you imagine yourself snorkelling with the rays and diving with the rainbow fish amongst the coral? If that’s what your idea of heaven is, look no further than the Cayman Islands, where marine life is rife and experiences are one in a million.

The holiday options in are endless and regardless of which island you choose, you will be met with your own piece of paradise. Sun, sea, sand, romance, adventure – it’s all there. Find your own piece of paradise in the Caribbean for your next adventure – you’ll never regret it.