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One of the most popular cruise destinations in the world is the Caribbean. This picturesque collection of islands provides the perfect cruising environment, with unforgettable sunsets, azure skies and glistening waters. Royal Caribbean International provides the most magical experience for cruises in the Caribbean. Whether you’re planning a short getaway, a romantic holiday or taking the kids for their first cruising experience, be sure to check out these not to be missed islands of the Caribbean.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Small villages scattered amongst the lush green mountain sides of Tortola are truly a sight to be seen. Tropical palms line the shores of the British Virgin Islands, providing the perfect piece of shade foe those long days on the beach. If you like to travel off the beaten track, hire a 4WD and head to hidden rainforest getaways. Diving enthusiasts will love to holiday amongst the British Virgin Islands, as you’ll have the opportunity to discover the underwater beauty of the HMG Rhone shipwreck.

Philipsburg, St. Martin

St Martin is known for being slightly more commercialised than many of the other islands in the Caribbean. Upon disembarking at Philipsburg, you will first notice high rise building and fantastic shopping districts, followed by rolling mountain ranges and breathtaking scenery in the background. Philipsburg is one of the best islands in the Caribbean for travellers who like some variety on their holiday.

St John’s, Antigua

When holidaying in Antigua, it seems as though the sun never ceases to shine, providing visitors with endless days at the beach. If you’re lucky enough to have Antigua included on your cruise itinerary, make sure you take this opportunity to hire a catamaran and go sailing off the shores of St John’s. While you don’t need to venture far, a guided catamaran tour or sailing adventure is the perfect way to experience all that Antigua has to offer.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Barbados is on the most well-known islands in the Caribbean. The beaches of Bridgetown offer endless spectacular views, as wave’s crash onto the rocky outcasts that sit just metres from the shore. These natural formations are a site to be seen, while the quaint towns that cover the shore line are charming and welcoming. Although Barbados is now independent from British rule, the ornate structuring and elegant dining options display just a hint of English charm that still survives.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Being one of the largest islands in the Eastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico is one of the busiest ports for cruise liners. Often a destination for starting or finishing a cruise, San Juan truly is a natural paradise. Travellers can experience the lush surrounds of the El Yunque Rainforest, a popular tourist attraction housing more than 200 tree species and an abundance of native wildlife. Due to the varying terrain of Puerto Rico, holidaymakers can go diving amongst coral reefs, hiking off beaten trails and exploring underground caves – and you can do this all in one day!

Royal Caribbean Cruises offers travellers a range of holiday options, including luxurious getaways on board some of the most lavish ocean liners in the world, including the Voyager of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Mystery of the Seas and the Legend of the Seas. Whether you’re planning a tropical escape to the breathtaking Caribbean or looking for an around the world adventure, check out these great cruises on offer.

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