Scrap metal is very precious. They can be equated to a decent sum of money if you know the efficient ways how. And they are everywhere. All you need is some basic knowledge, a few basic tools, and you are good to go.

Believe it or not, some people start on this as just a hobby. Once they make money, they couldn’t stop. The pay is good, especially if you are working side-by-side with a recycling company like You need a reliable company that pays well for every type of metal that you can find.

Let us walk you through some valuable tips to get you started.

1. Always have a magnet ready

A magnet must always be accessible for any opportunity to find some precious metal. Keep one in your pocket because that would be your best tool to identify if you have found money. There are scrap metals that stick firmly to magnets and others that do not. But they both make money anyway.

2. Learn to identify metals

There are different types of scrap metal. And when they are presented to you as junk, it could be difficult to tell which is which. There are two groups of scrap metal: one is ferrous and the other is nonferrous. The ferrous metals stick firmly to a magnet; they are heavy in iron. Old and obsolete items like cars, appliances, and structural steel are the best sources for such metals. The nonferrous metals do not stick easily to a magnet but they are the more expensive types. Aluminum, brass, lead, copper, zinc, stainless steel, and lead are nonferrous metals.

3. Clean and separate metals

Now, this is an important key to help you make the most money from your efforts. Metals must be classified and cleaned. They must be properly sorted according to types and removed with any extra attachments that could weigh them down and make them less expensive. Paint, plastic, and other attachments could downgrade the metal and affect the money you are cashing in.

4. Start with your yard before you make it into a scrap yard

As a beginner, making money from scrap metal does not have to take you too far from home. You can start right at home. Clean up the clutter in your yard. There might be precious metals lying around from which you can gain a good sum.

5. Keep looking

Once you get your groove scrapping metal, there is no turning back. The pay will inspire you to continue collecting. You can look everywhere starting from the items at your home that may have metals in them. Then, you may proceed to other places where you can get a regular supply. The different sources for scrap metal include local businesses, construction sites, farms and ranches, and shooting ranges, among others.

Scrap metal recycling is a great money making opportunity. It can make you wealthy. You just need to have a magnet, know what you are looking for, and where you should bring them.