Making money is not a challenging chore in today’s era. Many people like to prefer to capitalize on the stock market these days. Generating money through online trading platforms is a much convenient method for investors. Individuals trade through a stockbroker or by themselves also. The stock market comprises great revenue with a risk of losing cash also. For this purpose, many new technologies have been practiced to predict the future of your stock. Updating oneself in the daily finance sector may help you gain a lot of valuable information on such matters. 

The financial professional has come forward and introduced new technologies for the interest of stockholders. Now the investors can afford a portfolio in stocks according to their likes. Smallcase expertise provided a platform where the investor procures professional research and an assorted theme built a portfolio with their existing Demat and trading accounts. 

The smallcase is a basket of stocks elects by algorithms on the basis of models, themes, etc. The smallcase is a foremost trend in the stock exchange that allows the investor to buy and sell tradable securities with proficient brokers. This unique technic is created by Bengaluru based company and entails seven companies in collaboration. It includes HDFC Securities’ Kotak securities, Edelweiss, 5paisa, Axis securities, and Zerodha.

How it works:

  • Access smallcase presented by your broker.
  • Choose the model you want to prefer.
  • At this time you can select the stock and its proportions that make up the portfolio.
  • Here you get a chance to customize the smallcase by adding or excluding the stocks.
  • After deciding your preference, you can afford the smallcase now. 
  • The lowest sum depends upon the individual price and weightage of the stock. Contingent on the liquid cash, this platform will place orders for stocks. 

Let us see some benefits: 

  1. In mutual funds, it’s very complicated to own bonds and shares whereas, here owing stocks are easy in smallcase portfolios.
  2.  You can avail tax-free dividends up to 10 lakhs according to a new set of tax rules.
  3.  A thorough and complete research work with algorithms is promised to provide the investors with accurate results. This research helps in building and balancing the portfolio for your stocks.
  4.   This advance technic enables the investor with apt knowledge while buying and selling. It also assists the investor in entering the stock with a smallcase.


Smallcase wiped out the dilemmas dealt with by investors while trading. Its systematic studies on economic conditions prevailing in the stock market made investors work easily. Stocks and small case together analyze and rebalance to fit in current economic environments. Collaboration with high profile companies in smallcase provides a sense of security to present investors. Following smallcase, investors can enjoy a fantastic journey in the stock world. Stocks market reaches the sky at a faster pace, if you want to gain the highest revenue then; opting for this new trend is a better idea. You also receive timely intimations to update yourself on stock market situations.