You don’t need to spend a fortune to get to exotic places. Winning in a lottery for the same reason is also unnecessary, but if you are wise and frugal in your spending then it can be fairly easy. So to travel cheap is a matter of being proactive in seeking advice and guidance from the right people. You will realize that all you need is a little enthusiasm and great ideas. which denies the misconception that an empty wallet is a limitation in traveling the world

Below are some of the top ways to travel the world on a budget. Furthermore, to gain more insight to prepare yourself to travel on a budget, click here.

Plan Your Travel

A relaxed journey is good if you have the luxury of money and time to spare. Otherwise traveling on a budget will require a little bit of adjustment by putting a proper traveling plan in place. In essence, it is not a matter of having a fixed itinerary, but rather developing a forecast of just how much you need to spend when traveling in between towns and in each country. Leaving nothing to chance in your plan is a surefire way of ensuring you don’t end up entangled with impulse spending or even last minute accommodations and flights which might be very costly.

Know When To Travel

It is advisable that you totally avoid trips during school holidays. It’s common knowledge that there is a boom in the travel industry, with hiked prices during such times. Do your own research to help you in prioritizing the best times for your voyage, especially before and after holidays. When you capitalize on that, you will most likely experience lower prices in hotels and airlines. Since, on most occasions, this is the time they are trying to attract more customers.

Fly Smart

One of the best ways of flying smart is booking flights in advance. This is very important with return flights since you run the risk of running out of money. It is also an ideal way to have a guarantee of getting a home ticket. Most airlines tend to put up their flight seats for a period up to a year in advance, and the more you near your departure the more the prices increase. Additionally, you can opt to fly Economy class rather than the business class. This will result in more savings here that you can put into buying food and accommodation when you get to your destination.

List your Home in Airbnb

This allows you the opportunity to rent your room or a house swap, initially made famous by the movie “Holiday”. There is no point in leaving an empty home or room as you travel. The quest to find cheaper places to stay on your travels is not a struggle for you alone. Millions of other people are looking for the same. So make an effort to list your home on Airbnb, where you are assured to earn some good money, that you could even use to cover for your living cost when traveling. It is also a cheap way to pool resources for your dream adventure.

Find Free Places to Stay

One of the top ways to ensure saving on a budget trip is planning a trip to cities where you have friends or family. It is even better because aside from the accommodation, they can provide you with important tips about the key places of interest you can visit and cheaper alternative modes of transport.

Moreover, couch surfing offers free couches, beds for floor space that you can rest on. Some hospitality clubs worldwide like freeloaders can also connect you with locals who are ready to host and show you around the city. In case you don’t need an entire house or would rather not couch surf, another alternative is a hostel. They are not necessarily free but they do have much cheaper accommodation if you want to stay in a dorm-style room.

Join Travel Rewards Programs

It may sound like a long shot, but if you have run out of cash and have plenty of time, you will be amazed at just how many travel contests there are for you to join. Airlines, resorts and tourism boards as well as adventure travel companies normally offer price for trips quite often. Some airlines have also decided to switch to revenue-based loyalty programs, where you accumulate points based on the amount you spend on flights.

The only problem is, just like a travel contest, it can take a considerable amount of time, though it could be worth the effort. Some hotels have also embraced the travel rewards program with their loyalty program partners offering you the opportunity to win free travel.


If you can ask any seasonal traveler about the value of cheap travel, the common answer will be that it is good for your soul, as well as your pocket. More than that, though, is to help you prioritize the happiness of knowing new places beyond the mere desire of luxurious experience. Some of the top ways to travel the world on a budget include upfront planning, traveling off-season, flying smart, listing your home on Airbnb, finding free spaces and riding on travel reward programs.