Seeing the world and meeting new individuals is truly an amazing thing. It is a once in a lifetime experience that most individuals only get to do once a year. Heck, nowadays most families don’t even get to do that due to the conditions of the economy and workforce. That being said, Canada is just one of those spots that you must see before you die, but can you really get you and your family there with your budget? Well, you might be surprised that with the right planning, you can create an affordable trip to Canada.

Choosing Your Departure Time

Unless you have been collecting tons of frequent flyer miles and other discounts, the flight is going to without a doubt be one of your biggest expenses. This is especially true if you choose to travel during peak tourist season or on major holidays. When flying to Canada it will probably be best to plan a departure during the winter seasons, as this will be the declining of the tourist seasons. However, if you do want to visit in the summer or this is your only option try to at least aim for September, as this is close to the end of the peak of tourist season.

Make Sure You Can Get Accepted

Regardless, if you are traveling on a limited or unlimited budget, you are going to need to make sure that you are granted admittance into the country. In fact, this will probably be one of the first things that you want to do before even planning out your trip. You can do this by getting a Canada ETA Visa. This is basically an electronic visa that works almost just like a regular visa. It is good for five years and allows you to spend a total of six months in the country within those five years.

Transportation In Country

Once you arrive you will quickly discover that the country is huge. Walking from destination to destination won’t be ideal. Sure, hitchhiking is the least affordable option, but this almost impossible with a family and limited time in the country. You would just miss out on too much. Buses are plentiful, but they are expensive. The trains are great and would be awesome to experience, but they are limited and expensive as well. Your best and least expensive option is considering a ridesharing program. It might even be worth the money if you look into renting a vehicle.

Choosing The Right Accommodations

Probably the best thing about Canada is that they offer some of the cheapest accommodations that you will find on the planet. Sure, most people want to stay in a luxury hotel, but that isn’t always an option when you are on a budget. Canada offers what are known as hostels. These places are like college dorms, safe, extremely clean, and even more convenient. They offer kitchens and laundry services as well, which is included with price. The only problem is that other people will be staying here, so you might have to share a the amenities, but when you consider the prices it is completely worth it.