Lounging on Ölüdeniz beach is one of the best things to do in Dalaman!

Being a lover of beaches and exotic cultures, you have favoured such destinations on previous trips. Whether it has been one week stretches of decadent relaxation along the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, or an extensive exploration of the ruins of Angkor Wat, both modes of travel have appealed to you for the benefits that each confer upon you.

This summer though, you’ve decided on a place that ties the two together in a seamless manner, as you have booked flights to Dalaman, Turkey. Situated on the sunset coast of the Aegean, this region grants you access to towns and cities that have a vast historical pedigree, while also having a frontage on a blissful oceanfront that will make you feel like a millionaire merely by being there.

This guide will fill you in on the best things to do in Dalaman, Turkey, so that this summer holiday might be the finest getaway you have ever embarked upon.

Explore ancient rock tombs near Dalyan

History buffs will do well to spend a day exploring in the Dalyan area, which contains a splendid mix of ancient rock tombs and nature. Constructed back in the 4th century BCE by the Lycians, these places of rest are carved into the side of cliffs sitting above the Dalyan channel, making for a tantalizing backdrop for a river tour amidst the reeds. Many types of avian life live in this wetland as well, making a choice place for birders to spot their favourite feathered friends.

Get underwater off Kas

Love slipping beneath the waves to explore the wondrous world that exists in the depths of the ocean? If so, then signing up for a dive trip with an outfitter in Kas will prove to be an excellent decision on your part, as many of the area’s best reefs are within easy reach of this town.

Lounging in a beach paradise in Fethiye

If your idea of an ideal holiday involves lying out in the Turkish sun until your bod takes on a glorious bronze hue, then centering yourself in Fethiye is your best strategy. Visit the legendary beach of Ölüdeniz, which has an unforgettable blue lagoon that will stick in your mind well after your trip was concluded, and plenty of options for watersports (e.g. paragliding) that will satisfy the adrenaline junkie within.

Party it up in Marmaris

If celebrating your time in paradise in high on your agenda, you will find no better place to do in this region than in the town of Marmaris. After spending time on Marmaris’ happening beach, continue the reveling at night along the appropriately named Bar Street, where the trendiest new dance and techno clubs crank out the beats all through the night, lasting until the light of dawn begins to break on the horizon.