When I set out to explore the world soon, Rio de Janeiro will be at the top of list of places I want to explore!

One thing I like to do just for fun (like scouring Google Maps) is fantasizing about actually living abroad somewhere rather than just visiting for a few days, weeks, etc. This involves looking up the costs of renting furnished apartments, utilities, milk and of course, beer!

I’m sure I’m not the only one doing the same, but it’s interesting to see how far a good ole’ green back will stretch. I wrote a post earlier about the cheapest cities in the world to live that aren’t complete dumps where one can thrive for a few hundred bucks a month. I’m actually in the process of liquidating all my worldly goods and going complete location independent (hopefully).

I found this cost of living index online and it got my wheels turning again. I’m not sure where I want to start out once I decide to leave Miami for good, but Brazil is definitely on my list as I want to learn another worthwhile language, and I think Portuguese would be a good one (yea Mandarin is too, but that’s too hard!).

Through my travels, I have often discovered that I enjoy the 2nd largest city in a country or a more provincial city compared to the capitals. The people are much friendlier, things are significantly cheaper and the pace of life is much more enjoyable. A good resource for checking out the cost of living virtually everywhere is a site called Numbeo.com.

I’m also looking forward to stepping off the beaten path a bit more. I used to a lot more obscure traveling, but I have become a bit more of a diva recently as my income as increased, (maybe it’s my age too), but, I want to finally crack the African continent as well, with Ethiopia and Kenya on my mind. I think those are good countries to start out in Africa as they appear to be a bit better off, and I can plan more off the beaten path travel from there.

Once I sell off my stuff, the idea is to do slow travel and spend a few months in each place to really get to know the culture, people, customs, and hopefully a little of the language!

If anyone has any places they think I should definitely slow down and experience, suggestions are much appreciated!