Being that I live in Miami, I wanted to share a post that is on most tourists to-do list while in the Sunshine State, a stop in Orlando!
Orlando is often referred to as the amusement capital of the world, and if you love to travel and been around a trip or two, than you already know that the theme parks and different types of attractions located in every corner of the city fully justify the title. The multiple attractions can be a lot to take in one visit and people who visit the city needs to be prepared and know which of the attractions they want to visit first. Here are some of the top attractions in the area that you can’t afford to miss in your trip to Orlando:

universal studios orlando
The first and the obvious one is off course, Disney World. The theme park resort is massive and you have to do meticulous planning to roam under the Walt Disney center unhindered. There are four theme parks within the same venue- Disney’s Hollywood studio, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal kingdom and Epcot. If you only have a day to spare in the theme park and want to experience the real vintage Disney feeling step into the Magic Kingdom. It is the place where you will find all the classic epitomes from your favorite Disney cartoons.
An international food and wine festival is being organized in Epcot that runs from late September until mid of November. You may visit the park and participate in the festival. If you have special attractions for the trilling rides try some of the world famous rides in the Hollywood Studios. Even if you have plans to stay for two days, do not try to see all the things. It is impossible. Pick a few attractions and enjoy them thoroughly.
We muggles have an endless desire to be in the wizard world from when we came to know Harry Potter and about his life. For a short while you can be in Hogwarts and live in the magical world of Harry Potter. You will find a faithful representation of Hogwarts at the Universal Island’s Adventure Theme Parks. You can sneak into Dumbledore’s office, sip some Butterbeer or browse the store at Hogsmeade. There are some interesting rides in this theme park to enhance your excitement.
Sea World is yet another famous aquatic theme park widely recognized among the visitors for the live shows. The visitors will have the opportunity to be close with dolphins, penguins, sharks, pelicans and flamingos. High tech and interactive marine playground is one of the recent additions of this theme park.
For those who are creative at heart will enjoy the newest Legoland theme park located at the central Florida. Striking colors and towers built out from Legos welcome the guests. The theme park that is 40 minutes south of Orlando has 10 separate areas themed from pirates to medieval castles. Each of these areas is packed with different types of shows and attractions.
Gatorland is a Orlando theme park that is quite old. Once opened as a mere roadside attraction; it has now expanded into a 110 acres habitat for alligators, snake, crocodiles and some other wild life. Live shows of the park make your day exciting.
So next time you think of a trip, Orlando is great place to check out, the kids are gone love it, and you can spend an entire vacation in the city, and enjoy all it has to offer.