When it comes to searching for amazing holiday home locations, there are certain places in the world where only the wealthiest investors can afford to buy property.

Take a look at this rundown of some of the most exclusive – and expensive – places in the world to purchase a second home.

mansion in South Africa

South Africa

According to The Guardian, there are more than 200,000 British expats living in South Africa. Whether it be job opportunities or simply the chance to experience a different culture, the sunny climate and dazzling scenery of this nation make it a popular destination with people from around the world.

The Guardian also indicates that the average price of a medium-sized home in South Africa is around £75,000. However, in prestigious areas such as the Victoria and Albert Waterfront – which SA Property identifies as the country’s most expensive residential location – land alone can sell for up to £630,000.

For a taste of the property on offer in South Africa, take a look at LuxuryPortfolio.com. This site documents properties for sale all over South Africa, including popular destinations like Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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The mountain resort of Aspen in Colorado is home to the world’s richest ski fans. In fact, Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner and Kelsey Grammar all own homes here.

According to Fox News, Aspen is the most expensive place in the United States to buy property. While the average house price is around the $6 million mark, somewhat astonishingly, even a trailer in the local park will cost well over half a million. House prices have risen so much that the town’s middle-class residents can no longer afford to live there and the area is purely home to the super rich. Shocking when you consider the town’s humble beginnings as a mining camp.


With its sunny climate, world-famous theme parks and miles of glorious coastline, it’s not surprising that 42 per cent of holiday homes purchased in the United States were located in Florida – that’s according to statistics reported by SecondShelters.com.

The beauty of buying a house in Florida is that there is something to suit every budget. That said, prices are on the rise – especially in areas surrounding Miami and Orlando – and there is a large luxury market available for the suitably wealthy.

Microsoft owner Bill Gates recently acquired his own Florida pad for a whopping $8.7 million. Take a look at the interior of the Spanish-style villa here at HuffintonPost.com.

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